Toastie Heaven

I am such a sucker for carbs, especially bread! I love sourdough, bagels, tiger bread, brioche , white bread, seeded bread, baguettes, you name it, I love it!

As much as I try to reduce my consumption of carbs I will always come back to it and but try be sensible with how much I stuff my face with it! As of late I have been trying to jazz up the ingredients I add to my bread after toasting it to make it more fun and enjoyable. I do love bread and butter but sometimes variety is good.

I wanted to share with you some toasties that I love to eat. I literally just toast some bread and chuck the gorgeous ingredients on top and enjoy with a cup of tea. I like to use Sourdough, Bagels or a Vienna loaf most often. I slice to a reasonable thickness and toast until its golden on the outside but still soft on the inside. However, you can use any type of bread and enjoy it as much as I do. These 5 toasts are really quick and easy to make and I promise you will love them!

I like to make my own guacamole to top my toast. I scoop out half a small avocado into a bowl, add 2 chopped baby tomatoes, a little chopped red onion ( or spring onion) , a few chopped coriander leaves, season with salt and pepper, half a garlic clove crushed, a little red chilli flakes and a dash of lime juice to taste. I use a fork to smash all the ingredients up together, I like it all a little chunky so I don't make it into a paste. I spread it onto my toasted bread and sprinkle on some pumpkin and pomegranate seeds. There is a whole variety of flavour and the burst of pomegranate seeds is amazing against the heat of the chillies. If Im feeling really hungry I also add on a fried sunny side up egg ( for breakfast mainly!) You can also enjoy this guacamole with nachos :-)

Another avocado fave is mixing half a small avo with some chopped chunky feta cheese, a few chopped mint leaves, salt and pepper. Again I do like to keep it chunky, but you can make the avocado smooth and then add the other ingredients in, as you want to keep the feta chunky. Spread onto toasted bread and sprinkle with pumpkin and sesame seeds.

This one is super easy and very mediterranean. Chop about 4-5 baby tomatoes into quarters into a bowl, add 3-4 slices of red onion (chopped), some chopped parsley leaves, season with salt and pepper, add 1-2tsp olive oil and mix. I like to spread some hummus on to the toast first, sometimes I use flavoured hummus but plain is also fine. Then I top the toast with the tomatoe salsa. You can also have this with out the hummus if you're not a fan, but I like a little creaminess to my toast.

I love the classic salmon and cream cheese and its best on a toasted bagel! It also tastes great on toast which I do sometime make as the bread had more crunch and its perfect with the topping. I like to let the bagel cool down before I spread it with cream cheese. You can go heavy or light, sprinkle on some chopped red onion, place your smoked salmon on top, season and squeeze a lemon juice. If you like capers you can top with that too.

Sometimes I prefer a sweet treat so I made a PBJ toastie! I spread some peanut butter onto the toast (I like to use a sugar free variety) Then I top that with some raspberry jam, I prefer it to strawberry but you can use any jam you like. I then slice on some bananas. If you want a crunch sprinkle some nuts for some texture. Go easy on these!

Another great sweet alternative is to spread toast with a generous spreading of cream cheese and then top with a nice layer of jam and slices of sweet juicy strawberries. It taste a little like a cheese cake without being too indulgent in ingredients! You can also use raspberries or other favourite fruits/jams!

I hope you liked these little toast ideas. They are super easy to make and taste delicious. Do you have any favourites that you like to top your toasts with? Please do let me know I would love to try something different!

Sal x