My 30th Birthday

So I finally joined the 30's club! Yaaay Not that I feel any older than I did when I was 29, but hey as they say you’re only as old as you feel. It’s an exciting time and so many friends have told me that life really starts when you hit the big 3..0.. Im super excited to see what the coming years will bring.

I had so many things I wanted to tick off my ‘30 before 30’ list which I posted about a few months ago and so many of you all have asked me how that’s going. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get them all done, however I did fulfill about half the list. I will carry on trying to get them all done this year and then move on to the bigger and better goals of my thirties!

It was my birthday last week and it was a lowkey but amazing day with my new Australian family & My loving husband! I was a born a winter baby in the UK and spent all my birthdays in very cold, rainy & snowy weather but this year it all changed. It was a sweltering 40 degree day with hot winds that felt worse than the hot steam you get when you open up the oven door, but I was indoors most the day and the change of weather made it feel really weird. No more winter cold birthdays for me!

I missed my family in the UK a lot and my best friends too. In the last 14 years we have spent all our birthdays together and had extravagant birthday weeks with themed parties , dinners and days out, so I missed everyone and it was very different without them all. None the less I started a new chapter in my life and I’m very happy and grateful to have spent the start of a new decade with my other half and my new family.

I had a really lovely day, I did go to work and I didn’t have to drive myself so that was nice for a change. My lovely colleagues surprised me with a homemade chocolate cake and did the whole candles and singing thing. My family sent me some lovely flowers to work, which brightened up my day as they were huge, really beautiful and a great surprise! My husband dropped me to and collected me from work, It’s all a little crazy as I thought we had dinner plans and he was collecting me on his way home from work and then we would drive to the restaurant straight after. He had told me he had booked a surprise location for us to go and that I would love it. I was expecting something somewhere in the mountains or at the beach with an amazing view, something different. However not too far from home he made up some excuse to have to go home first as he had forgotten my gift! When we got home I unlocked the front door and the whole family were there popping streamers in my face and I realised he had planned a party for me! He did not go to work that day and from 9am onwards he had been busy organising all the décor, picking up the cake and cleaning up the whole house . He is such a cutey and that’s why I love him so much! He wanted to make my 30th special and memorable and to be able to share the special day with my new family. It was a great surprise and I literally had no idea he was planning all this without me knowing. When I think about It now I can pin point all the little things he did differently or said that make sense to the build-up of the surprise!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday :-)

I’ve also put together a video about some of the gifts I got and I wanted to share them with you all. Enjoy

Sal x