ELF Lined and Lovely

Elf Eye Liner

I haven’t used ELF products in a while, but I remember using the brand when I was younger, as the products were affordable and really good. I’m sure the products were a few pounds and mostly out of stock whenever you wanted something really good! I would have to order my products online when I was in the UK, so it was really nice to see that here in the Australia, you can buy the products in store after having a play around! I love their under eye setting power.

I was given this Eyeliner set at a recent Bellabox pop up shop that I attended and I’m glad I have had the chance to give them a go. The Lined and Lovely set came with two liquid eye liners in Jet Black & Midnight and a black pencil liner with a sharpener. If you know me, you would know that I really enjoy wearing a winged liner (when I have time!) I find that its slimming to big round eyes and elongates for a feline look which I love.

Currently I’ve been creating a winged eye with the Maybelline Matte Master Ink Eye Liner, which comes in a matte formula and a sharp sponge tip applicator and also the Loreal Gel Intenza liner which I apply with a brush.

The two ELF liquid liners come in 4.5ml dip bottles and has a really thin brush applicator. I haven’t used a brush like this in forever and it was really refreshing and I realised how much easier it was to line my eyes compared to other applicators. I actually tried this liner for the first time in the morning before work and I was running quite late but it didn’t take me as long as it usually would and I actually created the perfect wing.

I was able to start by drawing the outer point of my wing and as the brush is really thin there was less margin for error and I was able to build the lines to make it thicker. I then like to mark in the inner corners of my eye, where I want the line to start and work toward the point of the wing. The brush creates a really thin line which I was able to gradually make thicker as I got closer to the wing and connected the lines. I then just filled the wing in, the only down side was the brush kept taking away the product whilst trying to fill in, as the formula is light. I therefore had to let the wing dry before I went over and refilled to even out the colour. But once the formula dried up ( quite quickly) it was a nice glossy finish. The gloss finish isn’t too shiny, so doesn’t have a wet look. The pigments once built up are bold and really stand out. The build-up of the product doesn’t make it cakey or flaky throughout the day either which was very comfortable.

Elf Eye Liner

The liner lasts all day with no flaking, smudging or uncomfortable creasing at the corners of the eye. They are not waterproof so when it comes to removing, its catches onto cleanser and is an easy clean job, without having panda eyes! Despite this the liner stayed on perfect all day.

The Midnight liner works exactly the same as the Jet Black liner but has a slight metallic dark blue tone to it. Not sure if I would turn to this shade very often. I dont think this shade of blue/navy is for me as It reminds me of a biro pen!

The ELF pencil Black liner is also a small extra bonus. Nowadays I lean more towards a brown liner on the lash line to create a soft look which also makes the lashes appear thicker. I used to love wearing black liner pencil in my water line, to narrow out my eyes and let my eye colour pop. The ELF Pencil isn’t too soft so it gave me more control when applying. However it was soft enough to apply without tugging on the skin. Another lovely aspect is the sharpener which is part of the lid, which is great so you don’t have to look for it when you need to sharpen away, especially when you need a pointy edge. I used the pencil to create a small winged liner and It overall appears softer and not as defined like when you use a liquid liner, so gives you fuller looking lashes. Its quick and easy to create and the texture of the pencil was perfect to achieve this.

Over all I was really impressed with the Elf Liners and can see the Jet Black Liquid liner being one that I will turn to regularly. Have you used the Elf Liners before? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Sal x