Colette by Colette Hayman | Statement Earrings

I have found a store in Australia that I will forever buy my jewellery from! Yaay

Moving to Melbourne was also a struggle when it came to shopping. Not knowing where I could find things that I liked and were to my taste. There are lots of shops around, a few that I have heard off in the UK and even fewer where I actually enjoying shopping. Over time I have discovered a few places I like and Colette by Colette Hayman is a favourite when it comes to Jewellery and Handbags!

I don't really like wearing really fancy/ extravagant clothing , I like to keep it simple with a statement pieces of jewellery . Ive been through phases where it was mostly all about the bold necklace but these days I've been braver with earrings and slowly moving away from a small stud. I also thought I looked too dressy when it came to wearing big/ long earrings but after seeing everyone else with amazing pieces, I told myself I had to stop being so shy!

I have a Colette by Colette Hayman store at my closest Shopping Centre, which is really handy and Im always in there when I go shopping. They also recently opened 2 stores in the UK. One store is in Stratford Westfield, London and the other at The Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester. You can also shop online (for any of my UK readers who want to have a browse)

The best thing about Colette, is that they always seem to have a sale on! I actually bought the below earrings with a 40% sale discount just before Christmas. Having all these sales just means the prices are even better and you can bag yourself a lot of amazing pieces! The prices are also quite affordable even without the discount , when compared to other retail stores.

Colette has a wide variety of jewellery covering many different styles from Glam, Current Fashion, Boho and even quirkey. I was also even able to hunt down gorgeous earrings for if I ever needed, to match to my Indian clothes. They not only do earrings, but necklaces, rings and bracelets/ bangles in various styles and colours. The store also sells handbags and clutches and their selection reminds me of Aldo.

I wanted to share with you 3 different statement earrings I recently purchased which I would never have thought to ever buy before. But with my new found confidence, Im going to give them a go and not be so simple!

I bought these Red Pom Pom Dangling earring to wear casually to make a statement with a pop of colour. I like red and blue together, so these would look cool with some denim.

These are RRP $12.99AUD / £10.00


I bought these baby pink tassel diamonte earrings to wear on special occasions, with either western or eastern fashion.

These are RRP $14.99AUD / £12.00


I bought these rose gold and blue tassel earrings to wear casually. These will go lovely with a bold red lip.

These are RRP $12.99AUD / £10.00


Sal x