Bellabox Dec 17 | Festive and Fabulous

Bellabox December 2017

I cant believe how fast the year has flown by, it feels like only last month that I was enjoying the Xmas break and festivities with my fellow Londoners in the cold, but this year I'm in sunny Australia and its so HOT!! Its a very different experience and feels so weird to associate the xmas holidays with sunny weather.

The last Bellabox for the year was shipped out to the subscribers in a very festive red box which is a lovely change to the standard turquoise and came with some beautiful summer related products and all subscribers were sent a gorgeous STYLondon Eyeshadow palette as something special for Christmas. There were four to choose from and the palettes are all named after different areas in London so I chose the Carnaby Palette which comes with a variety of shades.

Keep reading to see what I thought of the December Bellabox!

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Tinted Fluid

I already use the standard Anthelios sunscreen when I want a light textured coverup, but I loved the Tinted Fluid even better. Its exactly the same in texture but has a pleasant fragrance and a tint. Originally I thought the tint would be too light for my skin tone would and create greyness, but the tint blends in with my skin tone and gives a lovely natural glow. I am able to wear it with out any foundation and let my skin shine though with just a little concealer and blush. The product is really light so doesn't feel greasy or cakey so I do use a light moisturiser underneath for hydration and then just add this on top. You do need to give the bottle a good shake to mix up the product before use to avoid an oily finish. This sunscreen is also suitable for those with sensitive skin. Once my standard Anthelios sunscreen finishes , I'll be purchasing the tinted version!

John Frieda Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Conditioner

Im so glad we got send the conditioner! Last month I was sent the shampoo and letting my hair dry naturally to attempt beach waves just didn't work! My hair felt really big and needed to be tamed. With the aid of the creamy but light feeling conditioner, it conditioned my hair without leaving a heavy residue. My hair was nourished so I able to let it dry naturally to create a wave with some texture. The fragrance is exactly the same as the shampoo of minty freshness which is not too over powering. I just let me hair dry naturally without combing it and I also used my straightener to add some more definition which looked effortless with the texture that the shampoo and conditioner created.

Natralus Australia Paw Paw lip butter The lip butter is enriched with shea butter and Vitamin E and natural flavouring. The lip butter is creamy and doesn't melt down to be oily or greasy, but is hydrating and gives the lips a long lasting natural shine. I was sent the Honey and Vanilla Lip Butter which is lightly scented and not too sweet in smell and makes you just want to lick your lips! Ive recently been sent so many lip balmy style products, I have enough to last the year now!

Zuii Certified Organic Primer

The primer is really rich and creamy in consistency and I did make the mistake of using a little too much, but I didnt find it greasy or heavy on my skin. It was really hydrating and moisturising and gave my skin a smooth canvas to apply the rest of my makeup. I did let it settle into my skin for a few minutes before I applied any foundation to let my foundation blend and sit properly on my skin. My skin felt lovely all day and I didn't get too oily either which is surprising as its really humid currently. The primer is certified organic with products such as Chamomile, Rosa Damascena Flower Waters, Aloe Vera and Calendula Extracts that help calm , soothe and hydrate the skin to minimise the appearance of fine lines. The Rosa Damascena Flower Waters are known to help reduce inflammation and control oil levels on the skin. I actually really enjoyed using this primer , It was creamy and hydrating but my skin didn't feel suffocated and my makeup lasted all day long with little oiliness.

STYLondon Eye Shadow Palette in Carnaby Street

So I chose this palette as it has a variety of golden, dark and mauve/pink shades in both shimmer and matte. I currently love pinky purple shadows and mostly also end up wearing lots of bronzy golds for special occasions, so this was perfect. The shadows are quite powdery to begin with so is easy to loosen up with a brush to apply to the eye lids and is really easily blend-able. It does create a soft creamy finish which then sets and last a really long time without creasing and wearing off.

There is a mix of matte and shimmer shades which allows the creation of different looks.

The shadows are paraben free, have Vit E, are mineral based and cruelty free.

The packaging is also really cute, but really light in weight, so I need to be careful not to drop it!

Garnier Skin Rescue Rescue Mask

I was sent the Aqua mask which is a Pomegranate and Glycerin hydrating gel mask. The grey pastel coloured jelly like mask comes in an 8ml sample which I found was enough for two uses. I used a brush to layer the mask on my face and did feel a little stinging sensation which dies out after a few minutes. The mask doesn't smell like pomegranate but has a really fresh aqua marine type smell which made the experience really refreshing. I let the mask settle on my skin for about 10 min in which time the mask become translucent. I then rubbed in the excess into my skin until absorbed. I did notice that if I rubbed to much, the product became like dried glue and started to peel! The gel also felt a little greasy but without the shine. Although my skin did feel hydrated and moisturised it felt really heavy on my skin and the next day when I was washing my face, the product was still masking my skin, which I didn't like and it took some effort to wash it away. I didn't like the overall texture as it was too thick and I should have just washed it away after using. I prefer the texture of the sheet masks that garnier do with the serum like product that melts into the skin.

Thanks for reading my review on the last box of the year! I'm excited for 2018 and cant wait to see what new products and brands Bellabox introduce me too.

Hope you all have a lovely start to the New year!

Sal x