2018 New Years Resolutions

Its that time of the year already! I cant believe how far this year has just gone by and I don't think I really even achieved the goals I had mentally put together, but lets try and work on the new year. I had a lot of change this year such as getting married, moving abroad, being in and out of jobs, adjusting to being a wife, being able to concentrate on the blog and just adjusting to new life. In some way I did achieve the bigger goals I had planned for, but its just those smaller things. I will have to carry them over for 2018 and lets just say they will be a working progress!

So here goes....

1. Travel more of Australia - Ive been here for nearly a year and I havn't even left the state yet! Its about time I went exploring.

2. Drink more water - There are days were I just have a glass and I really feel it at the end of the night. I want to get one of those bottles which sections out how much to drink during a certain time frame to make it easier and see how that goes.

3. Create more video content for my YouTube platform and be consistent I started videos mid this year and it can be difficult to maintain a weekly video, but in 2018 I would like to dedicate more time towards it.

4. Drop at least a dress size! I put on some weight over the last 2 years and although this year I maintained it and joined the gym, I haven't been able to be consistent with the workouts. So this year is about looking after my body and health. My sister did tell me I was looking a little slimmer, so thats a good sign!

5. To be more social and mingle with some new people. Making friends when you're older is so much harder but It has to be done. Making friends and meeting new people was a struggle this year, so its really important for me in 2018 just to get some independence and a social life back.

6. Speak to my family and friends more With the time difference here and the UK it always so difficult to make time to speak to my family and my other besties who reside in other countries. I love video calling everyone so will make more time and effort to call my loved ones.

7. Not to doubt myself and be more open. I always worry about how I am perceived so I can keep to myself a little. I need to let loose and just be my self. Who care what everyone else thinks!?

8. Take up a new hobby and dedicating some time to myself. I can got so engrossed with managing a house, work and the blog which can mean your at it all day long. Mentally and physically it can be draining, so I need to remember to make time for self which will relax and destress me.

9.To read more I spend far too much time on my phone and on the internet. I need to get back to reading novels to broaden my imagination and to read the news to be kept up to date on the worldly affairs.

10. To enjoy 2018 and not work too hard! You can get sucked into working all the time and the normal day to day, but I also want to achieve a year of being happy, having fun and being spontaneous.

What are your new years resolutions?

Happy New Year to you all xxx

Sal x