New Loreal Goodies!

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to Loreal for sending me these gorgeous goodies which was a lovely surprise, to be greated by this goodies after my holidays!

I have recently fallen in love with the Colour Riche Matte lipsticks and slowly been purchasing more ( I also came home with a new shade from London) so I was really excited to try out some of the new shades. I have also been using the Loreal Mascaras for years which I really enjoy, my current fave being the False Lash Superstar.

All the products are new to me and were launched during the 2nd half of 2017. I've been using them all for about a month now, so I have put together my thoughts below.


Ive been reaching out for the Glam Beige Foundation quite a lot. This foundation comes in three shades Light, Medium Light and Medium Dark. It has an SPF15 and smells lovely.

Its been hot so I have wanted to wear something light for an everyday cover up, heavy foundations are too much to deal with and feels too cakey in the humidity. This foundation is super light and runny ( it splashed all over my white top when I first used it!) and is very easy to blend into the skin. Medium Dark was great against my skin tone and I was pleased that It didn't have a pink tone finish which always ends up looking darker/ grey on my skin. The foundation is known to adjust to your skins undertone. The foundation felt barely there on the skin, whilst giving my skin a dewy radiant finish ( the foundation has light reflecting pigments). It has a velvety finish and sets onto the skin really well and lasted all day even though I have oily skin. My oiliness was controlled and I didn't get over the top shiny. I did have some shine mid day which I blotted away but In comparison to a creamier sheer foundation, my skin behaved!

This foundation would have been great and felt more complete if there was a 'Dark" shade.

Only 3 shades available: Light, Medium Light & Medium Dark RRP *$24.95



The new mineral foundation comes in 6 shades and is made with 95% pure sea minerals to actively improve skin texture whilst giving coverage. The foundation claims to improve skin complexion in 4 weeks, for acne and blemishes to be reduces, skin tone evened, oil controlled and the skins texture to be softened with a radiant glow.

I wasn't too convinced with the powder as I haven't had the best experience with powder foundations before but after a few uses and adjusting how to use it properly I really enjoyed it. The foundation comes in a small tub of 10g, it has a netting to avoid spillage and for gradual product pick up on the brush. The powder is really light and blends onto the skin really well. I have oily skin throughout the day so thought this would be perfect to use for oil control without masking my face. The shade Golden Natural was a tad bit light for me, mainly because I have tanned a little, but it hasn't been too noticeable . I used a flat top foundation brush to pick the product off the netting and blended onto my skin. The powder is really light so with the net guard you can pick up a light layer of product on the brush which is good, so you can take your time with gradually building up the product on the skin. As it is a powder, you don't want to go over board as it can result is a dry powder finish. The power gave a lovely natural glow to my skin, with its light reflecting particles. I have been complimented on how fresh and radiant my skin looks on the days I have worn it, which felt great! It has a very natural finish and perfect for an everyday coverage, It will let your skin breath and in the current heat, wont melt away! This foundation is most ideal for a natural sheer finish and will require concealer for blemishes before hand. It is very comfortable on the skin and surprisingly it did help with my oil control and as its a powder I was able to powder my face during the day, to blot away any sheen.

6 Shades available: 1W Golden Ivory, 2C Rose Vanilla, 3N Creme Beige, 4W Golden Natural, 6N Rose & 01 Finishing Powder. *RRP $34.95



If you have been following me on Instagram you will know I am loving the Colour Riche Collection. These Matte Addiction lipsticks are meant to have a velvet matte finish and is a combination of gel base with precious oils. The lipsticks are hydrating and long lasting. They are very pigmented and also feel comfortable on the lips. I did however find that the lipsticks didn't have a matte finish and are a little on the creamy side, than velvet ( due to gel and oil formula combo) so does transfer when eating or drinking. ( this could also be due to the hot weather!) To matte out the lipstick I blotted the lipstick lightly on a tissue to get rid off any excess and also added a double layer for longevity. I am also loving the colours, as I enjoy wearing bright bold colours especially Reds so the Plum Tuxedo and Scarlet Silhouette were fun to wear. I found the 'Blush in a Rush' a little to pale for my skin tone, so I used a lip liner of a slightly darker pink to stop the shade from being too washed out against my skin.

When removing the brighter colours I did get left with slightly coloured lips with the colours getting into the creases , but I was able to remove with an oil cleanser. Other wise thumbs up to these lippies. My fave is the Plum Tuxedo :-)

Colour Riche Matte Addiction comes in 15 shades. *RRP $ 21.95



LOREAL Lip Paint Matte

The Lip Paints are part of the Infallible Paints Collection and made with an innovative liquid formula with high impact pigments to replicate paint like bold colours. They come in two different finishes : Velvet Matte and High Gloss Lacquer. I have two shades in the Matte finish and im going to start by mentioning they SMELL LUSH. They smell of strawberry bubblegum and it was really hard not to lick my lips! I loved the applicator, which is a teardrop shape with a slanted applicator that curves around the lips when applying making it really easy to apply and gives precision when lining the lips. I found that the Matte formula took really long to dry until it was somewhat nearer to a velvet matte. The finish felt more like a matte lipgloss, without the stickiness. It was comfortable to wear and made my lips look luscious and the pigments were also strong on the lip.

The Lip Paints come in 10 shades. *RRP $19.95



LOREAL Miss Baby Roll Mega Volume Mascara

This mascara is new to me and has a really unique looking brush. I wasn't sure how it would give me volume as it looked like it had a lot of excess product in-between the bristles, but I was surprised at how it worked quite the opposite. The bristles coated and separated my lashes and gave me amazing length and lift. However I didn't find that it was as volumising like the False Lash Mascara I was also sent, within the first coat. The mascara is buildable to thicker coverage, but the lashes need to be coated before they completely dry . The mascara drys stiff whitch allows the mascara to last all day without flaking, but very difficult to add additional coating for thickness. I grew to enjoy using this mascara after using it a few times when I understood how to work with it. The volume effect is not as extreme as the False Lash Mascara so great for wearing casually.

This mascara also comes in the shade Indigo. *RRP $21.95





I already use the False Lash Superstar mascara which is very similar to this mascara, it has a white primer to thicken and lengthen the lashes before applying the mascara. The False Lash X- Fiber Mascara instead has a greyish primer to apply as step 1 followed by the mascara. This mascara is meant to have 20x more fibres than the original Superstar mascara for extreme length.

I love that the primer is dark and not white, as it means you wont have any white bits that you forgot to coat and it deepens the shade of the overall finish. It adds volume to each lash, thickens them and primes for easy application of the mascara which lengthens. As you can see from the picture above, my lashes are much thicker, longer, separated and they didn't get clumpy. The mascara is also build able if you would like them thicker I used about one coat, wiggling the wand really well on the lashes from the root to coat well. The mascara also lifted my lashes to make my eyes look bigger which then also made the lashes look longer. The mascara didn't flake and lasted all day long. It dries soft which felt comfortable through out the day.

It certainly creates the false lash look without the hassle of putting on lashes!

*RRP $28.95


Loreal never seem to disappoint me and I have happily bought products from them for years especially their mascaras. Have you used any of the above products? Let me know what you thought!

Sal x

*All the above products all available in selected supermarkets, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Target and variety stores.