Benefit's Soft and Natural Brow Kit

Benefit Soft and Natural Brows

I like to keep my eyebrow routine quite effortless and don't like spending too much time on them. The more time I spend, the more unnatural they look. I have a few eyebrow products that I use on regular basis and have only a few items in the brow collection.

My brow hairs are quite long which cover most of my brow area, but I do have some sparse areas which I fill to give some definition. I also have some areas in the middle of the brow which is condensed with hair so can get unruly and need a setting product to keep them in place to ensure the definition of the brows stay.

I love the Benefit Gimme Brow but I had the old packaging tube and I felt really left out so decided to try out some of the other Benefit Brow products. I purchased the Soft and Natural Brow Kit which had 3 products and also some stencils to get the perfect shape. I bought shade 6.

The brow kit cost $59 and if you were to individually total the cost of the products they come to $122, which is double the cost so the kit was definitely a bargain and the best choice.

Benefit Soft and Natural Brow Kit

The products that make up the kit are: Goof Proof Brow Pencil, High Brow and 24 Hour Brow Setter in clear gel.

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil has a tear shaped pencil which is the "goof proof' aspect. I have recently preferred using this shaped pencils as I find that its easier to shape the brows with as it creates cleaner, thicker strokes and filled the brows in well by still replication brows. The actual product is a soft formula, is not waxy and glides onto the brows easily. The formula is soft enough to create sharpe strokes and gives enough definition to the brow without just looking like the brows have been coloured in. It is also build up the product if you want more shading and shaping, without it looking too heavy. The product is soft enough to blend with the spoolie which is built in on the other side of the pencil, but I did find that if you blended too much/ to harshly it did rub the soft product away causing some patchy results. The spoolie is small enough for precision. This is a great pencil and the shading is also great. Being the darkest shade in the collection, its not too black or grey, but had a cool dark brown finish and leaves a natural finish.

The High Brow is probably my least favourite item of the collection. The shading is too pink for my skin and really stands out and doesn't look very natural especially as it is matte. A nude yellow based shade I think is ideal for the darker skin gals. Although the pink shade does stand out and highlight its more noticeable that the product is there, which I feel defeats the purpose of natural!

However saying that the product is a soft matte product which glides on to the skin easily but needs a bit of blending to create a soft finish. There is a shimmer High Brow available which I believe might be more ideal to create a gentle highlight to accentuate the brows.

I finished my brow with the 24 Hour Brow Setter which is a clear gel. The brush has dual wand. The bristles of the brush on one side are longer than the other side and are soft and flexible. I needed the longer bristles to get the product through my brows which was easy to use. The gel does look white on the brows when applied but that drys clear really quickly . The gel is really easy to use and apply without the worry of getting extra product around the brows if it becomes a messy job! My eye brows did stay in place all day long, but the brow setter was just not that strong enough to keep up some of my heavier brows which eventually did droop back down again. Otherwise it left me with soft groomed brows that were not crispy.

Benefit Hight Brow and Goof Proof Brow Pencil

I enjoyed using the Goof Proof brow pencil the most from the kit and would definitely finish the brows off with Gimme Brow which I love. The 24 Hour brow setter was also a great product and can be used to tame those brows without any product to just tidy the brows on a natural makeup day. Some days I like to use nothing in my brows so it would be perfect for then.

I don't think I will use the high brow as I really didn't like the shading and it didn't compliment my overall finish.

The kit also came with stencils to help with shaping the brows. There was one for straight brows and the other was for arched brows, each having two looks to be able to stencil. The kit comes with a guide on how to use this, but I struggled to do my brows with just one eye ( as the stencil covers the other eye) and my brows looked much bigger and over drawn. It was easier to use the goof proof pencil to do the brows with out the stencil and its quite effortless as you can follow your natural shape.

Benefit EyeBrow Products

Do you use the Benefit brow products? Which are your most loved products? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.

Sal x