Bellabox Nov 17 | Get Your Glow On

I am loving the items I got in this months Bellabox issue, so its excusable that the box came much later than it usually does! We were sent some gorgeous items to get summer ready and all the brands except the perfume are new to me so it was really exciting for me to get testing. All subscribers were sent the Manna Kadar Illuminator this month which is very pretty.

Evodia Australia Adelaide Hills Jasmine Body Mist This spray was my favourite product of the month. The smell of jasmine from the bottle was so pure and fresh. I have a jasmine bush in my back yard so each time I went into the garden just before spring when the jasmine was in full bloom, the garden smelt amazing and sweet. Just like the body mist. The scent was actually long lasting, unlike many other body mists or sprays Ive used and I could still get a whiff of the fragrance off my skin at the end of the day. I will definitely be buying a full size of this mist!

Estee Lauder Eau de Parfum Modern Muse Another fragrance with hints of jasmine paired with floral woody aromas smells really yummy. It also has hints of vanilla and musk but isn't too sweet. The fragrance smells powerful, slightly on the masculine side but still feminine. Metaphorically like a strong modern women just as the brand intended! I don't usually like woody strong perfumes but this is an exception and I would love to add this to my collection.

Vitamasque/ Sheet Mask in Pomegrante This triple sheet layered mask is inspired by Korean innovation to enhance the moisture content of the skin, to lift and firm up the skin. The triple layer is meant to increase the absorption rate of the product within the skin. The sheet mask felt a little thicker than usual mask and was loaded with a serum. The mask was a perfect fit for my face and wasn't over sized like other sheets and hugged onto my skin well, except around the neck area where it kept dropping. The mask had a subtle fragrance of pomegranate and it wasn't too overpowering. Its been very hot recently and my skin does need a pick me up and Ive been trying to alternate between hydrating masks and masks that also help extract impurities due my oily skin, so this mask came at the perfect time. I left the mask on for around 15-20 mins and gently pat the remaining serum into my skin. My skin felt really hydrated and visibly look plump and fresh.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo

Don't be fooled by the name of the shampoo as it isnt just for the blonde haired! The shampoo is also for the brunettes to cleanse dry heat damaged hair. I used my normal conditioner to start as I don't have the Cool Dip detangling conditioner and then I washed that away with this shampoo to ensure my hair was conditioned but not too weighed down after rinsing. ( I use conditioner first and then shampoo it out). The shampoo was refreshing and smelt minty but it was that not minty that it made my head cold and was really nice to use. I felt that it cleansed my hair and scalp and was not like most other creamier shampoos when it takes forever to wash it away. It was quick and effortless which I loved. I also loved the smell of the shampoo as it was fresh. The shampoo is supposed to create effortless beach waved tousled hair. It adds texture to the hair prepping it for styling. With the heat who wants to straighten their hair so this was the perfect opportunity to see if I can go natural without using the irons. I let my hair dry naturally with a tiny bit of hair oil, however I have thick hair so my hair did go a little wild! I dont have any natural wave to my hair so I did in the end need to use my straighteners to add some more texture/waves and finished it off with a little salt spray.

I also straightened my hair after using the shampoo and adding some oil. My hair straightened really nice and my hair felt soft with no residue of the added texture.

Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator This Illuminator is really light and sheer in texture and adds soft luminous glow to the skin. You cant mistake it for a highlighter as its not as strong and gives a very sheer effect. Its pale pink shading leaves specks of pink metallic shimmers on the skin, which shows through with movement. I applied this to my cheeks before blush to also create a base, as when spreading you need more surface area to blend into, so you don't want to apply afterwards as its will loosen up the blend of the blush. Also great to apply onto the skin directly or mixing with some moisturiser. Not so sure if I would re purchase this product as I found it slightly unnoticeable on my skin shade. I find that gold shimmer look better on darker skin tones , than a pink shimmer.

Nutrimetics White Age Midnight Radiance Night Creme

Again with the small samples, some products don't really make a difference with one use it was a nice creamy formula that melted into my skin. I wasn't able to get any fragrance from it ( could be because I had blocked sinuses!). I didn't notice much difference in my skin the morning after.

I really enjoyed using the product from this months box and looking forward to the red December box in a few weeks. We were able to choose which STYLondon eyeshadow palette we wanted and I chose the Bond palette as it has a variety of neutral shades. Exciting!

Sal x