I was so excited to get my hands on some of the Glossier products as I've heard such great reviews and I wanted a piece of the fun too. It was originally just available in the US, but recently it was made available in the UK, so whilst I was there I ordered myself some products.  

If you haven't heard of Glossier, it is a brand put together by beauty editors from the popular beauty blog IntotheGloss.com  . Using their experiences, knowledge and recommendations they created Glossier to give us amazing products to beautify the skin we have. Their motto is that SKIN CARE IS ESSENTIAL AND MAKE UP IS A CHOICE.  Phase 1 products are the not so basic- basic skin care products that work together to give you dewy moisturised skin for the perfect skin base. Phase 2 are a selection of uncomplicated makeup staples that are used to enhance ones natural beauty. 

So lets get started. I got myself two skincare items and 2 makeup items. The collection is not so extensive so its easy to choose the staple items and Glossier also has Phase sets, to get the most out of value if you want multiple items. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser The jelly cleanser is quite different to cleansers Ive used before and its literally like a smooth runny jelly which melts onto the skin but stays gloppy. 1-2 pumps is enough to massage onto the face and it doesn't become a lather or emulsify with water. It feels really conditioning and gentle on the skin and can take a couple of splashes to water to wash the product off completely. I didn't get so much of a refreshing cleansed feeling but I loved that my skin felt really moisturised, clean and soft after washing the product away and my skin didn't feel tight. I prefer using this in the morning to help prep my skin for the day and is gentle enough to wash away just the overnight residues on my skin. The cleanser is soap, sulfate and paraben free. 

Priming Moisturizer

This product appealed to me as it is supposed to create a dewy moisturised primed based, which is the canvas of the makeup application. The product is very runny and light but immensely moisturising and due to the hydration level it  plumps up the skin, creating the perfect fresh base. Once dry it left a slightly tacky finish which had a healthy glow finish. The tacky was not uncomfortable and would work great for makeup to adhere onto when applied. I did notice that my pores looked a little smaller, which is most likely to the skin becoming plump and my skin felt soft and supple and made my makeup look smoother and dewy.

The moisturiser can feel really creamy and heavy, although its very light in texture, it doesnt make the skin feel clogged up and greasy.  

Boy Brow

The product is a cream wax formula which worked wonders on my brows. I have thick long brows but have spares areas too and on a normal day I usually just put a brow formula through them, as oppose to using a pencil to define. I bought the shade brown which was perfect and also added a little warmth which kept my brows looking soft. The formula is soft and caught onto my brows whilst brushing the product through creating volume and thickness. I was also able to stroke the product on the skin under the brows to add some colour to fill in sparse areas. This was quite light so it gave a softer finish and my brows were tamed. The finish is soft to touch, creates thick groomed brows, not crispy or wispy and the product is long lasting. No wonder this is the brands best selling product!

Cloud Pain in Haze

I LOVED the cloud paint! I bought the shade Haze which was the brightest of 4 shades and I really wish I had bought another or  maybe them all.  I don't usually wear cream blushes as I have oily skin and prefer just to use powder, but this is something else. The gel cream formula is light, sheer and very easy to apply to the skin. I started by placing three small dots of the product onto my cheeks and used a stippling brush to blend. It was really easy and melted into my skin, giving me a natural flushed finish. It lasted all day through the heat/ humidity of the current weather, didn't transfer and gave me a very healthy dewy glow.  I think I've found my new favourite blush :-)

Thanks for reading my review. I really enjoyed using the glossier products and I wish I had got some more items! I found them inexpensive and really love the packaging ( the pink bubble wrap bags are perfect to keep and use when travelling!) I was very impressed with the makeup items and how effortless they were in creating a natural look.  I would love to try their skin tints and lip products. They need to curry up and introduce the brand to Australia so we can all enjoy it just as much as the American and Brits are!

Sal x