What you MUST do if you’re in Singapore!

Mer Lion, Singapore

It feels like I was in Singapore just the other day, but its already over a month since my husband and I were in this amazing modern city filled with so much history and culture. We stayed in The Lion City for 3 days on the way to London. If you get a chance to do a long transit in this city, its a must and you wont regret it! There is so much to do and in 3 days we were not able to get everything ticked off our list but we did manage to see a lot despite it being 27+ degrees and 90+% humidity. There is only one season in Singapore and thats HOT!! It does tend to rain a lot at this time of the year and we were lucky to have missed it by just a day. 

I want to tell you about my favourite things that we did and saw in the 3 day we had. 

The Sultan Mosque

Kampong Glam 

This is the neighbourhood we stayed in and it is so rich in different cultures, history, restaurants and trendy shops. We spent a whole day exploring all the amazing sites and taking in the buzzing vibe that the place had to offer. All the popular lanes are filled with amazing eateries ( We always came back to this area for lunch/or dinner) , trendy boutique stores, traditional cafes and shops hosted by the people of Kampong Glam. 

Arab Street is filled with Middle Eastern eateries, fabric stores ( I sometime forgot I was in Singapore!), glass lamp shops, Oud stores and was always so busy. 

Haji Lane has a very big range of different food cuisines, bars and trendy boutiques stores. A lot of shops on this lane are also opened quite late so you can do a bit of shopping on your way to dinner!

Bali Lane is a smaller lane and has many more restaurants and bars.  Muscat Lane - Between these two lanes is a walk were all the Turkish Restaurants are and it looks amazing during the evening with all the beautiful lights, architecture of the older buildings and The Sultan Mosque glowing in all its glory at the end of the walk. 

These lane are always busy and opened till quite late so you can always get a bite whatever time it is. There are also many Halal places ( they call it Muslim Food!) as this area is highly populated with muslims with the mosque being close by. 

Kampong Glam is also home to The Sultan Mosque which is considered to be one of the most important mosques in Singapore. It was amazing to see the mosque everyday and hear the Adhaan ( call for prayer)  out loud in the whole area of Kampong Glam. The mosque has been there since 1928 . The original mosque which was there from the mid 1800 had become too small for the increasing muslim population and irreparable so a new mosque was built. 

The Malay Heritage Centre is also in this area, which is a cultural centre and museum that showcases the culture, heritage and history of Malay Singaporeans. There is a cost to go to the museum but there is a free exhibition about the people of Bugis which is very educational. The Heritage centre is housed in Istana Kampong Glam, which was a former malay palace.

Kampong Glam is an amazing area to stay if your going to Singapore, Its safe, always busy and very insightful. There are so many cuisines to eat and also lots of shopping everywhere. This area gives you a feel of what Singapore is like outside of the city area. There is an MRT close by and the city tourist areas are also not too far is you decide to catch a cab.

Art Work on Haji Lane

Haji Lane

Singapore Boat Cruise

This is a must as it will give you a relaxing cruise and be able to take in the sights of all the different buildings around the bay. The cruise takes you around Marina Bay, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay and last around 40mins. The tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for children. The authentic boats in which the cruise takes place are the iconic bumboats which were used to ferry cargo at Singapore's historic trading port. Some of the buildings which you will encounter on the cruise is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Helix Bridge, Merlion Park, Anderson Bridge and Clarke Quay. 

There is also a recording which plays on the boat which gives a lots of history about the buildings and areas which we pass on the cruise making it educational and insightful. 

Tickets for adult costs $25, $15 for children

Singapore River Cruise

Gardens by the Bay 

The garden consists of the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and the Supertree Grove. The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are gigantic greenhouse domes on the edge of the bay. 

The Flower Dome is home to many different exotic plants from all over the world including 1000 year old olive trees, cacti of all different sizes and lots of beautiful flowers. Each section of the dome is dedicated to different countries and their plants which is very interesting to discover. The flower dome also has themed display throughout the year and we happen to be there during their Autumnal display which was really fun. Pumpkins of different colours and sizes filled the greenhouse in amazing displays and was very pretty and popular amongst the guests. 

Flower Dome, at Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome Autumn Display

The Cloud Forest was my favourite! As we walked into the greenhouse we entered to a magnificent  35 metre man made waterfall and lots of green lush highlands. This greenhouse houses orchids, pitcher plants and fern from the cool moist tropical Montane region. It was very cool and moist in there which was just what we needed. Moving from one greenhouse to another , although cool inside, you felt the humidity as soon as you walked out as it hit you like nothing else I can describe!

The greenhouse has two bridge levels which you can go up to enjoy the sights of the greenhouse. There isn't a lot of walking, other than just on the bridge as this is aided by lifts and escalators so its friendly for people of all abilities to enjoy. At the top level you can also see the Sky Grove and Marina Bay Sands through the glass panelled dome. 

Tickets for entry to both domes cost $28 Adult, $15 children.

Cloud Forest  at Gardens by the Bay

Cloud Forest  at Gardens by the Bay

Cloud Forest  at Gardens by the Bay

The Singapore Flyer

You cant go to a city and not go on their ferris wheel! The Singapore flyer is the 2nd tallest in the world at 165m, which is only 1.6m shorter than the worlds current tallest flyer which is the High Roller in Las Vegas, US. The Singapore flyer used to be worlds tallest until 2014. 

The observation pod is a great way to see the city from great heights with its amazing panoramic views and is a must for a beautiful birds eye view of the Singapore. The whole rotation takes 30mins and the pod fit about 12 people in it making it quite spacious to move around and take pictures. We decided to stick with the flyer rather than going to the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands Hotel to get an amazing view of the city. 

Ticket for an adult cost $33

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer, the view.

The Supertree Grove 

You can go and see the Super Tree Grove during the day after seeing the Cloud Forest and Flower dome, but its also a must in the evening during the light show where the trees come alive. The vertical garden resembles trees and have large canopies and will most likely remind you of something from the avatar movie! There are over 162,900 plants, of more than 200 species and varieties of bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers that are planted on the Supertrees.

The light show takes place twice a day at 7.45pm and 8.45pm and is free to go and see. If you would like to get a birds eye view of the show there is a cost to go to the 22m high OCBC Skyway, which is a bridge high up towards the canopies.

We decided to watch the show from down below along with all the other people who came to enjoy the magic. The light show is in sync with oriental sounds/ music which is very relaxing to watch. You also get an amazing view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which is also lighten up. 

Free to watch the light show at ground level

OCBC Skyway ticket is $8 

Supertree Grove

There are also so many other places in Singapore to explore such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which has  unique architecture and the famous boat shape top with the infinity pool ( only accessible for those staying at the hotel which will set you back about $400 for the cheapest room ). There is a shopping complex with lots of high end shops, restaurants to explore, an ice skating rink and a canal for a venetian boat ride. There is also an observation deck on the top which costs $23 for Adults and free for those staying at the hotel.

Little India is also an amazing area to check out. It will be an experience and you will defo feel the cultural vibes. Whilst we were there I felt like I was actually in India! It was very busy especially because it was Diwali and the streets were decorated in festive colours. There are a few temples to also check out.

There is lots of shopping to do on Orchid Road, in Bugis and around the city where they is an array of shopping centres. 

We had a lot of good whilst we were in Singapore and nothing was to say the least, average. We checked out the Berseh Food Centre, which was a hawker style food heaven. Im not sure if the food centre shuts at a certain time, but it was not very busy and many of the places served pork, but I did eventually find seafood which was delicious, accompanied by some sugar cane drinks. We ended the meal with some fruity Ice Kachang all in a budget of $20 ( for 2 people).  

Another interesting place we went to was The Selfie Cafe (Haji Lane), where they print your selfie onto a thick layer of sweet cream , which is on top of your drink. It being a novelty thing, surprisingly the Caramel Latte we had was actually really tasty. 

There are many roof top bars and restaurant and we went to a place called Loof (North Bridge Road) which was small but very modern and quirky. We had some amazing food there and would recommend the Kimcheeseburger and the Chilli Crab waffles fries (waffle fries were very popular in Singapore!)

So thats is guys, these were my favourite places in Singapore. I hope you enjoyed reading and got an idea of what you can do on your next trip there!

I also vlogged on my trip and the video is live on my YouTube channel. Go check it out!

Have you been to Singapore? What were your fave places to go and see? Let me know!

Note: All $ mentioned are Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Sal x