Palm Vaults | London

I am so glad I came across Palm Vaults whilst I was staying in Hackney Central during my trip to London a few weeks ago. As I walked in I was so excited by all the pink and green, I was instantly gutted that I didn't take my camera with me for the quick breakfast we had planned! So all these pics were taken from on my iphone 7.

Palm Vaults is on Mare street, a 2 minutes walk from Hackney Central Station and near the Primark. They don't do full hot breakfasts (no kitchen) but they do small plates of different flavoured toasties, some beautiful vibrant cakes and sweet treats and they have a VERY extensive range of hot drinks.

We got to PV at 10am on a weekday and were the first customers so we took advantage of the beauty and went photo crazy. The place was very pink which I LOVED , it had green pot plants as ceiling decor, light pink marble tables, bare brick walls with interesting art work, lots of flowers, crystal style pink drinking glasses and we ate using gold cutlery. PV is defo a bloggers dream come true!

For a weekday the place got pretty busy quickly so arriving early is a must especially on a weekend ( when they also have NO laptop rule)

I ordered avocado on rye bread topped with goats cheese and micro herbs. I love avocados and can happily eat it everyday for breakfast and having it topped with smooth tangy goats cheese was perfect. The food is on the basic side maybe slightly over priced but thats not the reason you would go to Palm Vaults. Its for their cool decor, experiencing the vibe and the hot drinks.

I have grown to love coffee over the last 4 years and during my trip to London, coffee was the worse. However at Palm Vaults they don't use cows milk so I opted to try a strong latte with Oatmeal Milk and it was the best coffee I'd had in the 2 weeks I was away from Melbourne! The oatmeal milk is creamy and has a natural light sweetness which made the texture just right and the sweetness complimented the coffee without being too sweet. I also wanted to try a colourful latte from there amazing variety of drinks, so I chose a rainbow latte called Blue Moon. It was baby blue in colour and very fragrant. The drink consisted of Thai Butterfly Tea, Lavender and Oatmeal Milk. The lavender was not over powering and very pleasant to drink even though it smelts like a light perfume!

There is a whole variety of rainbow drink either with coffee or not, so even if you don't like the strong flavour of coffee there will be something you enjoy.

If you havnt already checked out Palm Vaults or will be in London soon, make sure you do. Its super pretty/ retro , have amazing drinks and is Insta heaven!

Palm Vaults, 411 Mare St, London E8 1HY, UK

Sal x