Bellabox Oct 17 | Beauty Tricks and Treats


I had just left to go on holiday when this box arrived and I got home 2 weeks later, so I have not had enough time to review these! Luckily only one of the products would need more than a week to test and get a feel of the product, so I have been lucky :-)

Everyone received the Model Owns Colour Chrome Eyeshadow kit and the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil Mist. We were sent a very versatile box and was really excited to give these all a go as all the brands are new to me ( except Kerastase!)

Model Own Chrome Eyeshadow kit in Gun Metal

When I was younger I loved wearing black and grey/silver eye shadows but as of late I stick to the neutral shades, so this was fun to use. The shadow is a creamy base which you mix with the intensifying eye primer, on the silver plate provided. The product was really easy to use. The actual shadow is creamy which needs to mix with a drop of the primer, using the silver plate provided. The shadow can get a little cakey on the eye if applied really thick, so the key is to start minimal and to build up. The shadow dries well and becomes smudge proof and is long lasting, but easily washes off. I used the primer with a powder shadow too , to a darker shadow shade to add some depth to the look and it worked really well.

There are also another four shades available.

Kerastase Paris Elixir Ultime Bi Phase Spray Oil

I already use the Kerastase Nutritive Oleo- Relax hair oil in my hair, after washing and before drying which keeps its super soft. This oil is new to me and we are promised a light in texture feel but opulent volume and shine. I don't usually use oil in my hair whilst its dry as it just makes my hair even oilier. The oil made my hair look flat when sprayed onto dry straight hair but was perfect as a base/primer before I used my straighteners to add waves. It made my hair glide through the plates easily and left my hair with soft and shiny waves. I also used the oil on damp hair before drying. I was left with a sticky residue whilst the hair was still warm which is how the volume is created and my hair was shiny but not as soft as when using a hair oil. The stickiness does however disappear once the hair is cool.

I did like the product as a spray bottle as it allowed the product to be evenly distributed on to the hair and left my hands clean. However I think I will happily stick with my original Kerastase Hair oil!

Swisse Hyaluro- Natural Moisturising Facial Serum

Ive never used a Swisse product before so was really looking forward to this. After coming back from holiday ( going from humidity, cold and then warm) my skin always plays up and needs to be rehydrated to avoid flaky dry skin and breakouts to balance my combinational skin again. The serum is very light in texture and smells very natural and organic. The product states to be 96.6% naturally derived ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and animal products. The light serum made it wearable during the day and also during the night resulting in really soft and plump skin. The serum uses natural botanical alternatives to hyaluronic acids so I felt more as ease using the product knowing its more on the natural side! There was only 4ml to sample which lasted about a week and I was really pleased with the results. This is a definite future purchase!

Reef Dry Sun Tan Oil

Im not really one to sun tan on purpose and even if I tried it takes forever and also leaves me with a dirty finish. But with some beautiful sunny days which popped up over the last weekend, I used the oil on my arms which was like a 3 in 1 product. It was very moisturising, didn't leave a sticky finish but instead it make my skin really soft, supple and dewy. The oil has SPF 30 and is a tanning oil. I used it once ( on a very hot sunny day) and my arms were a little more tanned then before. I wasn't able to review this product to its full extent.

Natures Commonscents Coconut Oil Soap

I only use Dove soap on my skin, as its moisturising and does not leave my skin feeling dry and stripped of oils. This soap was nourishing and creamy at the time of using and foamed up really well. It smelt of coconut whilst I was showering. Once I washed away the suds, my skin didn't feel as moisturised as Dove would leave me, but my skin wasn't dried out like other soaps would. I enjoyed using this soap as it did leave my skin smoother, But I was a little let down as there was no coconut fragrance left lingering on my skin.

Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation

This foundation is a sample of the new foundation to the Nude by Nature Range.The foundation is oil , fragrance, synthetic ingredients and silicone free. Its key ingredients are Bamboo Powder, Baobab Fruit Extract, Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly. These all have combined benefits such as minimising the appearance of pores, skin softening and Conditioning, strong antioxidant and anti ageing properties.

We were given 3 shades to sample (W2, W4 and W8). I thought W8 Classic Tan would be best suited to my skin tone but it was a tad bit too light which made some parts of my face look grey. However the foundation does give a flawless velvet finish. It doesn't finish creamy so creates a matte soft velvet finish. My pores looked a little minimised but off course not completely. The foundation was also long lasting and I did get some oily patches but was able to blot that with some blotting paper. I am for sure going to try the shade darker ( olive) as I would love to use this foundation properly as I loved the finish of it.

A great box of new discoveries this month! This is why I love a beauty subscription box as you get a chance to try out new things without splurging and trying out the products before purchasing.

Novembers Bellabox will be posted out soon and we have been promised a full size Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator which comes in very pretty shades and will be perfect for the upcoming sunny weeks!

Sal x