Loreal Pure Clay Masks

Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask

I am so late with the Loreal Pure Clay Mask Trend! I am terrible when it comes to face masks and have a weekly reminder on my phone just to get myself to put them on. I have a whole basket dedicated to masks but as I rarely manage to get to them, I've only just started reaching out for the Loreal masks! But once I have got the mask on and then washed off, I am grateful for giving my skin 15 mins of my day to pamper it.

I used to use Glam Glow but my tub finished a while back and I loved it. Its a little pricey so with the big move and all, I decided not to re purchase and instead find a new product to use which is within an affordable price range. With Priceline offering customers discounts on skincare/ make up more or less every month, these were a steal!

I have a combinational skin type, with very oily T Zone and some dryness on the outside and cheek area of my face. I originally picked up the Detoxifying and Brighten mask ( Grey) on the hunch that it would work similar to the Glam Glow. I love clay products as they really help with the oiliness of my face to detoxify and freshen up my skin.

At a later stage I also purchased the 'Purify & Mattify' and 'Exfoliate & Smooth' to add to the routine to apply where it would be more beneficial to my skin.

All three mask contain 3 types of pure clay:

Kaolin: Known to absorb impurities and excess oil to help purify delicate skin affected by daily pollutants.

Montmorillonite: Helps to purify and re-balance the skin, reducing imperfections.

Ghassoul: Absorb impurities and oils to clarify the complexion

When mixed together they make an amazing base for a mask, especially for people with oily skin. Each of the masks have an unique ingredient which helps target specific skin concerns. Below I've summarised what the website claims the products to do.

Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask

Detoxify and Brighten (Grey) - With Charcoal

With the unique magnetic properties of Charcoal, this creamy textured formula deeply detoxifies and brightens skin by working deep into the pores to reveal a brighter complexion.

Purify and Mattify (Green) - With Eucalyptus

With the unique cleansing properties of Eucalyptus extract, this formula reveals a refreshed, brighter complexion leaving the skin matte, clearer and smoother, without drying it out. Skin is left feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Exfoliate and Smooth (Red)- With Red Algae & Finely Milled Apricot Seeds

With the unique cleansing properties of red algae extract, this formula exfoliates the skin and refines pores. Finely milled apricot seeds gently exfoliate dull, uneven skin to reveal skin’s natural glow.

Loreal Paris Pure Clay Mask

My Thoughts

Originally I used the grey mask all over my face and within about 10 mins you can feel the mask drying up but can also see many dark dots around my nose, forehead, chin and side of my face where the impurities and oils were being drawn out. I didn't find that using the grey mask all over my face left my skin dehydrated, but in fact my skin felt much more refreshed and clearer.I could feel a difference in the skins texture too.

After purchasing all three masks, I multi-masked them on face, choosing where best each mask would be beneficial for my skin. I used the green mask on my forehead and chin, I used the grey mask on my nose and upper lip & I used the red mask on my cheeks.

The red mask is of a mousse texture, The green mask is creamier and you can defo smell the eucalyptus in there and the grey mask is creamy but light.

The red mask has small granules so upon washing away the mask, I use circular motions to gently exfoliate my skin. It isnt harsh and easy to wash away. My cheeks are left smoother and I also had a spot on my cheek which reduced in redness and size. My skin looks and feels more vibrant and refreshed after using the mask.

The grey mask draws out impurities and excess oil which is visible whilst the mask was drying. I have a very oily t zone, so using this a good few times a week really helps in minimising the amount of black heads I get. The mask leaves my nose smoother.

The green mask takes the longest to dry and can be a little difficult to wash away so I use a face cloth to help out. The mask leaves my skin feeling refreshed. My skin does feel matte and smoother after use. The mask does not leave your skin feeling/looking matte for a long period of time but I don't expect it to either.

I love using the grey and red mask, over the green mask as I feel I can see and feel more difference in my skin with those and not so much with the green mask. My skin visibly looks more brighter, feels very refreshed and hydrated. These clay masks are perfect for my skin type and are gentle to use around 2-3 times a week. Although I have a reminder for once a week, I really need to invest more time in face masks as this will make a big difference in my skin routine to purify and cleanse the skin that extra bit.

All the mask are 50ml jars and cost $19.99 at priceline.

Thanks for reading my review!

Sal x