30 Before 30 : 3 Months To Go

Not long left before I reach the big 3..0..I still remember turning 20 like it was yesterday having the time of my life with my besties with no worries in the world whatsoever. Being in my late 20's have none the less have still been the most amazing years of my life. I met my other half, Career wise I became the youngest manager in my field in Camden ( London), I had my own cupcake company for a while, did some travelling in Europe, had my Nikha and I made the big moved to Australia. I guess I also spent most the last few years gearing up for a move, working hard and saving money and didn't get the chance to let loose, relax and make time for myself. I've never been super adventurous and I regret that. Not much time left to be able to achieve the bigger goals in life but still some time for smaller one.

My Bestie gave me the idea to take up the 30 before 30 before its too late. I have 3 months to achieve 30 things. Its a great idea and will also push me out from being my lazy self. House chores can wait! Melbourne is going into Spring/ Summer so no better way to get my list done.

I've come up with the list below.

1. Have my Civil Ceremony ( legally married!) . Its been a long time coming!

2. Travel to Asia. Why hasn't this already happened!?

3. Eat something weird. I am always safe with my food and like to order food with my common favourite ingredients. I would like to try something new, weird and different.

4. Get a new piercing. I've wanted a new piercing for a while now but haven't got round to it. Would be exciting to get one more on my ears before I hit 30. I don't think I'll be getting anymore after that.

5. Watch 'Gone with the Wind' . My sister told me she watched this and I loved the story line. Cant believe I haven't watched this classic yet.

6. Read one of the classics. Its been a while since I have read a book, let alone one of the classic. Not sure which one I want to read just yet but there is a huge list to choose from. Maybe a Jane Austen novel.

7. Try a new cuisine. Although I do tend to keep it safe with my food I think Ive tried all the common cuisines. Would be amazing to find a new and more unique flavour out there.

8. Make a new friend in Melbourne. Since Ive been here I've not had the chance to make my own friends, someone who I can just call and arrange a dinner/coffee/shopping date. Ive made lots of friends of friends but would be lovely to have a friend of my own.

9. Take a Pottery Class. I've never done this so would be fun to come home with a vase/artwork that I've made

10. Go on a road trip. Road trips are so much fun and its been a while since I've been on one. Would be amazing to do a road trip in Australia.

11. Take a makeup application course/ class. I obviously have a love for makeup, so I would love a class on how to apply it properly! I could do with some professional learning to up my game a little.

12. Do some Volunteering Work. I'd love to give back to the community and do something to help others.

13. Improve my fitness, look after my body and loose a few kilos! This is a battle of many years but I have a sweet tooth and also just do not get motivated by working out. I give up after a day! I have joined the gym so just have to keep it up.

14. Monthly date nights with the other half. You start to forget that you can still go on dates even though we live with each other.

15. Be more adventurous with dinner at home and use my recipe book at least once a week. I never know what to cook so Im always asking the other half what he wants. I have recipe books and probably should use them and not let them collect dust.

16. Plant a herb garden. I love herbs and love using them in my cooking. Ive planted herbs before but they have always been a fail. I would like to make the most of my garden and not worry about having to buy the herbs.

17. Explore Melbourne on my own. Ive been here for about 8 months and I have not really done anything on my own other than shopping! Going to do my own thing will bring me some more independence and enjoy Melbourne at my own pace.

18. Learn to use my camera properly. I have a great camera and I'm getting by with adjusting some buttons but If i knew what most of it meant, I could get some great captures.

19. Binge on a Netflix TV series. I love a good TV series and Want to spend the whole weekend and binge watch a new series. Maybe a different genre to what I would usually watch.

20. Host a dinner party. Summer is coming up and I live BBQ. I have some great idea and would love to bring them to a party that I’m hosting!

21. Attend a Bloggers event. All the London gals are always at events! I need to network and find the right contacts in Melbourne and not be put off with my small following. This would be a great way to meet fellow Melbourne Bloggers and make new friends.

22. Make my photo albums. I have so many photos put away in a box and I can never tick off the 'make the album' to do list. I also left my family behind when I moved to Melbourne, So this is a must to show my future family :-)

23. Go on the Melbourne Star :-) This is a very touristy thing. Ive been on the London eye, so it only makes sence I should also do the Melbourne Equivalent.

24. Have a caricature drawing of me and my other half done. This would be fun. Ive been the artists at Leicester Square in London and felt it was always too touristy, but having one done with the other half on a holiday would be a cool memory.

25. Go to a concert. I've been to many festivals but not a concert so maybe I can get this done in the next few months!

26. Go on a romantic picnic in a Botanical Garden. I have not been for a proper picnic for years. I want to be able to relax outdoors for hours with a book, some nibbles and enjoy the scenic views.

27. Learn to make homemade pasta. I love pasta but have never made it myself. Would be amazing to have homemade fresh pasta.

28. Make time for a bubble bath. I want to pamper myself by soaking in a bathtub full of lush goodies. I'm always in a rush to get out the shower so never have baths.

29. To wear all the shades of lipstick/liners that I own and take a photo. I have way too many and most of them don't get used so should make the most of them by working my way though. It will give me a chance to rediscover some faves.

30. To do an artsy creative project at home. I used to be so creative when I was younger and would love a DIY project. I would like to create/ make something and get my mojo back!

So thats my list! It took me a while to be able to think about what I really wanted, What would make me happy and what would give me the feeling of achievement but I finally got there. I had to be realistic with the time as I left it quite late but there are many more things that I would like to do before I'm 35, but I'll leave that for a future post!

Sal x