Bellabox Sep 17 | Front Row Fab

BellaBox | September 2017

It felt like forever before the September box arrived. Its been really up and down with the weather and Im just about recovering from the flu, so when I got my "Front Row Fab" edition it made my day. I was off from work just relaxing at home and it gave me the chance to test all the products out in the comfort of my bed.

There was a great selection this month and Im actually quite pleased to say that I enjoyed using them all! We were all sent the StyLondon Siligel Blender and the Model Co Instant Brow Pencil which are both new products to me. I didn't really get down with the silicone blender trend, so It was was great to test it out.

Derma E Charcoal Mask

I love a good charcoal mask and this one was slightly different to what I have tried before. The activated charcoal helped draw out the impurities and opened up my oily pores to do its thing. When it came to washing it off after 10-15 mins, the surprise element of the exfoliating Marine Algae was really nice. It was gentle and my skin felt clean, refreshed and looked brighter. The only sad thing was that the sample size was more or less only enough for one use and would have been great to try again.

ModelCo Intant Brow Retractable Pencil

I’ve been using the NYX eye brow pencil for a while and its the complete opposite to the ModelCo Instant Brow which was quite refreshing for me.

Firstly I loved that the pencil has a wide pencil nib as it makes it so much more easier to fill in the brows without leaving harsh marks. The width of the pencil allows easier shaping and the soft wax keeps the finish really natural. The wax also helps keep the actual eye brow hairs groomed and in place. The spooley is short and stiff and great for combing through the hairs and spreading the soft wax. I was sent the Medium Dark shade but for me the only down side is that the shading of the wax is on reddish brown side. I have thick long black eyebrows so it can be quite noticeable where I have sparse hairs and gives an overall warm finish. So to tone down the shading, I comb through a brow gel which is cool in tone. I do love the over all finish and my eye brows look bold and on fleek all day long!

Pure Paw Paw Ointment

This ointment was a saviour during my flu. My nose and skin was dry and I was dehydrated. But the ointment came to the rescue on my dry patches and especially my nose which was flaky and soar after having to blow my nose so much. The ointment has Carica Papaya Fruit Extracts which is used as a natural exfoliant , so teamed up with the petrolatum is great for soothing and smoothing dry chapped skin. The ointment is thick at first but once applied to the skin it turns into a light silky ointment which melts into the skin. It doesn't mask the lips or the skin like other paw paw products I have tried so it feels more comfortable on the skin. When I used it on my skin it softened up my dry patches and I was not left with any pimples either ( considering its a petrolatum product) A definite keeper for those emergency days.

Siligel Blender by StyLondon

I had no idea what to expect of this blender . The trend went crazy over social media not long ago but I never tried it out as I was happy with my brushes so this was a great opportunity to give it a go. The blender is really soft and flexible and not what I expected at all. It doesn't feel or look so boring with all the glitter going through it. It felt really weird using it to apply my foundation and a took little bit of getting used to. I found that It was a little more difficult for me to spread a creamier foundation all over my face as the siligel was too smooth to move the product around so after spreading as much as I could I had to take a brush and buff the foundation around my nose, lips and the sides of my face to blend it all in. It was slightly easier to use the blender with a more runnier foundation. The overall finish was smoother than using a brush, there is no wastage of product as it has nowhere to sink into and it is hygienic as it can be washed with ease after each use. Is it something I would use on a regular to apply my foundation? If I have time maybe but I feel I would still need a brush. But I would for sure use it after applying foundation with a brush to soften the overall finish.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion

I would typically associate a cleanser with removing my makeup and prepping my skin for my morning or night skin routine. Ive only really used a cleanser before washing my face so this felt like using an extra product in my routine. The cleanser is a no rinse product so I used it straight after washing my face by applying it to a cotton pad. Its fragrance free and is of a gloopy consistently. It felt like applying a serum to my skin which was surprising quite light and melted into my skin really quickly. It was really hydrating and refreshing to use before applying the rest of my products. This was an extra step into my routine which I didn't necessary need, but this will be great to use whilst I am travelling. I have a long haul flight soon and I don't wear makeup when flying so this will be great to apply during the flight to clean, refresh and rehydrate my skin.

Swisspers Original Facial Cleansing Wipe

I use facial cleansing wipes daily when I have been wearing makeup, as an initial cleanse to get rid of the top visible layer of makeup. I need a wipe that can take off my mascara, makeup and excess oil buildup without drying out my skin. The swisspers facial wipe came in a singular packet and I assume that is the reason why the wipe was on the dry side. It didn't feel like it had any product on it so when I was removing my makeup my mascara and eyeliner smudged everywhere. I was able to rub off my makeup but it was my micellar water that removed most my makeup. However the wipe is a thick soft durable fabric which felt good to use without stretching out. I cant completely rule out this product as I think the packaging of the sample product may have been the reason why it was stone dry! I would love to try out the full size product and see how I go with those.

I was really happy with this months Bellabox. Although some products were maybe not best suited to me, I really enjoyed using them as I made them work for me by adjusting how I used them. My favourite had to be the eyebrow pencil although the tone shading wasn't right, I was able to make it work and I loved how my brows looked!

The October edition will be out mid October and I have a guesstimated day of when It will arrive (taking into consideration when all my past boxes have come) and Im so sad to say that it will be the same day I fly out in the morning, for my holidays so I'll have to wait until Im back in November to test out what I will receive. BooHoo!!

Thanks for reading!

Sal x