Bellabox Aug 2017 | Bright and Beautiful

strictlysal | Bellabox August 2017

Its the last month of winter, so Bellabox sent us items to get us ready for spring with their "Bright and Beautiful" themed box. There was a great variety of products being sent out and I was really happy with what I received. I didn't get my items in the traditional turquoise Bellabox this month, as one of my samples was too big to fit in the box, but im not complaining as it was one of my favourite cleansers!

I also really wanted to do a review for my YouTube channel this month, but haven't been feeling great so had to give it a miss. However I do have some exciting ideas planned for the next few months and cant wait to share with you all!

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask

The pink clay mask went viral all over social media and I was planning to purchase it, so I was super excited when I heard we would all be getting a sample of the S&S Pink Clay Mask. Its for detoxifying and Brightening and is filled with lots of great ingredients for the skin. Its a Melbourne, Australia made product and animal cruelty- free.

I applied a light layer of the product to my skin, which is greyish pink in colour and as soon as it touched my skin, I felt a tingling sensation which reduced within a few minutes, this is because of the active ingredients in the mask. This would mean that the mask is working and drawing out all the toxins from the skin. The mask didn't take very long to dry so after about 10 mins I washed it off and my skin felt really refreshed and soft. My skin did feel smoother, looked brighter and even my pores looked like they had shrunk, however still visible!

Barry M 'cor Blimey Balm

This was a great balm to add to my collection. I don't really use coloured balms as I mostly wear a lipstick and only use balms at home, but I've enjoyed using this on the go as it gives my lips a pop of colour whilst keeping them hydrated. The colour pop isn't intense, but it gives the lips a glossy sheen which is great for at the beach, to the gym, quick trip down the shops or if you after a more natural/ clean make up look.

This will be kept in my hand bag for when I need some moister on my lips and my lipstick has worn off. I love mixing a balm on top of lipliner balm to create a low key look.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

My one and only favourite Micellar Water which I already use daily as a pre cleanse. Ive used quite a few micellar waters and nothing compares to the Garnier Micellar Water. This sample size is great and I've kept it a side for an upcoming holiday.

I use this daily on a cotton wool pad to take of remaining makeup residue from my face after using a makeup wipe and before cleansing. It gets off all the stubborn makeup, without drying out my skin out and keeps my skin feeling refreshed. I also like using this during the day just to freshen up my skin, as I can get oily. It really gentle with eye makeup and melts away mascara and long stay lipstick making the cleansing process quite effortless.

The Body Shop Elixirs of Nature ‘Nigritella’ EDP

Ive always been really fond of The Body Shop fragrances as a normal everyday scent. There is a great variety of smells that they offer and you'll always find something that you will love. The Nigritella scent is a new Elixir Eau de Parfum with a full bodied rich sweet smell. The fragrance is floral fusion of red vanilla orchid which is enhanced with hints of tuberose and vanilla. It actually smells beautiful and reminds me of YSL's Black Opium. Some people don't like sweet smelling perfumes, but I don't mind them and would happily use it as a night scent. For an every day fragrances I like fresh light fruity smells.

Aroma Magic Neem & Tea Tree Face Wash

I don't really like using foamy face washes as they strip all the oils of my skin and make it super dry, but the Aroma Magic face wash is far from that. It builds up into light foam which cleanses the skin and as it has no alcohol, its really gentle and doesn't dry out my skin. The Tea Tree Oils are great for oily skin to keep the right balance and the Neem is great as it works as an antibacterial agent. The only that was a let was that it took a lot of effort, time and water to rinse it away!

This products is free from paraben, soap, alcohol , artificial colouring and fragrance. I have really enjoyed the face wash and will consider purchasing it.

Garnier BB Cream Nude Effect

The BB Cream is made to naturally match a skin complexion, however this shade was a little light for me. It did however blend into my skin quite effortlessly and smells lovely. It evened out my skin to give it smoother finish. I found that it also helped with some oil control and my skin didn't look or feel as shiny as it would if I was not wearing anything on my skin. I was able to wear it by just applying a press powder on top, to reduct the greyish tones however I would use this in the long run.

The September issue has some exciting products which I cant wait to try. We have been told we will all be sent a silicone blender ( have not tried the new trend yet) and an eye brow product! Exciting!

Sal x