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Mecca Max is the makeup love child of Mecca , which is inspired by their in store experts to Maximize all our makeup looks.

There is a whole range of makeup goodies, skincare and tool in the range to choose from, from lipsticks, makeup remover wipes to silicone blenders. There is huge product variety and I wanted it all when I went into the store! I love the packaging which is a mix of black, gold, orange and pinks which gives it a luxury, funky and modern feel.

I found that the products were quite affordable in comparison to other brands that they stock in store and there was also a sample giveaway when you spent $50 on the day I went in, so picked myself up a freebie!

I’ve been really excited to try these out and let you know how I go and so far I am loving them! Keep reading for my review on the 4 items I bought.

Eyephoria Vivid Impact Eye Palette

I don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow, but recently I’ve really enjoyed using it to emphasize my eye and makeup looks. I don't like wearing multicolor shades, but like to keep it quite minimal with one all over color, or maybe with a darker shade in and around the crease. That is one of the reasons why I feel in love with this palette, as I found that I could wear each individual shade on its own, (my blending skills are useless!) to emphasize my eyes or for a shimmery pop of color.

This palette consists of metallic shimmers with matte neutrals which range from nudes, golds, pinks and purple. The colors are just gorgeous and pretty and It’s was the first item I was drawn to from the collection. The shadows are of a creamy powder texture which is really easy to apply and blend. I found the shadow to be long lasting even with my greasy eyelids and I wasn’t left with a greasy line at the crease! There are two matte shades, which I most likely won’t use they are too light for my skin tone, but I would have loved it even more if there was a matte purple shade to make the palette that bit more versatile.

The Mecca Max range also had a few more single eye shadows and mini palette with 4 shades.

Have a look at the shades below, I didn’t edit the pictures so you get a real feel of what they look like.

Mecca Max Eyephoria Vivid Impact Eye Palette

Mecca Max Eyephoria Vivid Impact Eye Palette

Mecca Max Eyephoria Vivid Impact Eye Palette

A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick On Point

A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick “On Point”

The lip cream I bought is in the shade “on Point” . It was my fave shade out of the 7 that were there. This shade is a coral pink which I don't have already so I wanted to try it out. The applicator is a long rectangular brush which I found to be quite helpful to outline the lip quite well with precision. The formula is light and really easy to apply and spread. Although the formula isn't heavy or thick I did find it took a while to dry before I could pat my lips together. I wore the lip cream for about 6 hours and had a lunch of rice noodles and a couple of drinks and it was still perfectly applied to my lips without any signs of fading. The lip cream was not drying, it almost felt invisible and I did forget on several occasions that I was actually wearing a lip product.

I really loved the lip cream and was impressed on how it wasn't drying on my lips and It lasted all day without budging. I will definitely consider purchasing another shade.

Pout Pop Lipstick “Glam Slam” Matte

I couldn’t resist and also had to get a lipstick! The are many shades, 29 to be exact and several finish types. I love that the lid of the lipstick covers the whole length of the product and needs a push to unclick to release.

I chose a red shade which wasn’t too deep or too bright to be able to add variety to my red collection. The coverage was good, quite sheer so needed some layering. I wore it for a good 5-6 hours and was able to eat and drink, however when wearing a matte lipstick I do expect it to stay put and not be so creamy. I felt it was easily transferable and was worried I would smudge it everywhere. I felt that the lipstick is more of a creme base with a matte look, rather than a matte finish.

I do love the packaging of the product and the shade of the red but slightly disappointed with the overall texture of the lipstick.

Mecca Max Chic Cheek Blush Gold Glow

Chic Cheek Blush “Gold Glow”

This little blusher was a free sample gift as I spent over $50. They are also sold in a full size and I was contemplating also buying this until the lovely lady at Mecca told me that I could get it as a sample size for free . Blushers can last a long time, so I thought this would be most ideal.

This lovely blush is a coral shade with fine shimmer particles. Its pigmented, easy to apply and is not too powdery, leaving a nice dewy flush on the skin. As we are going into spring this shade will look gorgeous when the sun is out! It also lasts all day even with my oily skin and still looks radiant at the end of the day.

The only down side about the blusher collection is that there are only 3 shades!! The Gold Glow, another similar coral shade and hot pink.

I was really excited when I heard Mecca was releasing their own Brand 'MECCA MAX' and even more glad that I have some of their products in my collection.

Sal x