Long Haul Travel Tips

Long Haul Travel Tips

This post will tie in well with my current travels and my past experiences of long distance flights. As you all know I moved to Melbourne earlier on in the year and that is a super long 24 hour or so flight and I’ve endured it a few times over the last couple of years. This time round I’m going back to London for a few weeks and I'm really excited but dreading the journey. I wish I could just click my fingers and be there already!

We flew through Singapore, staying here for a few nights to break up the journey and then on to London via Dubai. On the way back we will be flying straight back to Melbourne with 2 stop overs in Dubai and Singapore. Luckily, they are only 2 hour layovers which is enough to stretch the legs and make our way to the next boarding gate.

The flight can be really exhausting and mentally draining, but Id like to say I’m more prepared this rime round with all the experience and things I’ve learnt over the years ! I'd love to share my travel tips with you on how I like to make my long distant journeys easier and more comfortable.

Hand luggage

Keep your hang luggage and handbag lightly packed. Your going to be lugging the bags around through out your long distance journey and even though a packed hand luggage wont be heavy to begin with, you will start to feel it after a while. If you can avoid a hand luggage all together and keep it to just a hand bag thats even better! ( I wish I could, I see so many people with no hand luggage and I get so jealous!) I usually like to keep my laptop, chargers , neck rest , spare clothes/shoes in my hand luggage and before I know its reached 7kg.

Hand Bag

Ive started to use a back pack style bag instead of a shoulder bag so the weight is evenly distributed and my shoulders don't get sore. I pack a minimum number of items that I will need throughout my journey. I like to keep things like purse, passport, my clear cosmetics bag, phone charger, headphones, camera and phone in my bag. These are immediate things that I need easy access to and will need whilst on the plane.

You think you will need everything, but its really unlikely and there isn't really much else to do on a flight than to sleep, watch movies, eat and read! You also should keep the extra space for your duty free shopping :-)

Flip Flops

I don't know about anyone else, but my feet ballon up whilst I fly and its really uncomfortable to wear closed foot wear. I literally wear flip flops ( or thongs, as the aussies call it!) for the whole of my journey. Whilst on the flight, I put my socks on and when landing, I'll get my flip flops out and wear those during transits and until I get to my destination. Avoid fashionable flip flop, you want to be comfortable so the foamy style ones are the best and kinder to the feet.

A5 clear folder for documents

I like to keep my Passport, Visa docs, boarding passes, a print out of my flight details, vaccination record and insurance papers in an clear a5 wallet and keep that in my back pack. It keeps everything neat and together making it all easy to find when needed.

Skincare I take all my makeup off once on the flight making sure I've cleansed well. Its difficult to get to the bathroom to wash up so I like to use no wash cleansers and avoid wearing heavy makeup all together to make the process easier. In my clear plastic bag I like to pack: Miccelar Water, my Nuxe Honey Lip balm, By Nature Replenishing Night Cream, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid serum, Douxe me Pure Spring Water Spray and my Rodan & Fields eye cream. These are all hydrating and nourishing skin care products that I like to use to avoid my skin getting dry and dehydrated. I also pack some makeup remover wipes, some cotton wool pads, deodorant, toothpaste/brush and my makeup essentials so I can put some on at the end of the flight to avoid looking completely dead! I stick with a concealer, mascara, blush and a lip product.


Drink as much water as possible. Your at high altitudes with low humidity levels in the cabin and its tough on your body and really dehydrating. It can effect your lips, skin and cause headaches. You do get given small bottles of water on most flights but thats not going to be enough, so don't be shy and ask your hostess for more. Being hydrated can also help ease the jetlag so you can make the most of your holiday!


I always feel so constipated after Ive flown and Its defo the food and the altitude so my food never digests. I avoid eating the full main meals and stick with the fruits, cheese and bread/ crackers. If Im super hungry I'll just eat a little of the main meal. Some flights are always giving you food or a lot of food in one go and you may not be hungry. Ill take what I can and save some items to eat later should I become hungry before the next food serve. The long haul flights could mean your on a plane from between 7-14 hours and there a long period of times you wont get food and the last thing you want to do is ask the hostess for a pot of pot noodles!

Neck Rest

I cant live without my neck rest. I have the tendency to start slipping once Ive fallen asleep so the neck rest is a comfortable way to stay in one position and also support your neck. I have a really comfy one which comes with me on every flight. I also usually book a window seat so I can rest against the window. Unfortunately we now have to pay to reserve a seat with the airline we are flying with so I wasn't able to do that. It can be a bit bulky to carry around so I just clip it on to my bag.

Go for Walks

Take a walk on your flight to avoid DVT. Flex and stretch your legs to encourage blood flow. DVT, Deep vein thrombosis, is a known risk on flights that are longer than 4 hours. When I go to use the loo there is always a long wait so I take that time to stretch my knees and calves to increase blood flow. If you are at risk of DVT speak to your GP before you flight.

Extra Tips

- Take your own headphones to use on the flight. If you're with a friend take head phone splitters so you can also listen to their music. I like to do this with my other half as he has good music on his phone!

- Be aware of your destinations border control laws before travelling so you do not break any regulations and its an easy transit (Australia have very strict laws with border control).

- Leave a photo copy of your passport at home/ also take one would you incase its required.

- Avoid wearing too much jewellery/ a big bulky belt etc to make going through security that much easier.

- I never wear jeans on a flight or clothing that is too tight. I like to feel comfy and love wearing leggings with a big comfy light jumper to aid comfortability.

- Purchase 5-10ml travel containers to put any liquid products into, that you would need. I love collecting sample size products that I would require on flights. This will help with being able to fit more products into the clear plastic bag with hand luggage.

- Get to the airport nice and early to avoid rushing so your calm for your flight. Be prepared.

These are my tips to help me with a smooth stress free long haul travel. Im super excited for my holiday and hopefully its not to exhausting. What are you favourite travel tips?

Sal x