Bellabox Jul 17 | Around The Globe

The 'Around the Globe' edition futures products from around the world, Including Australia , Korea, South America, France and England. I recieved items from Australia ( Zuii and Blaq) and the The Faceshop Items are Korean Inspired using South American Grown Chia seeds. Not much of an Around the Globe variery for me, but none the less some intresting new items to discover.


These peel mask have gone viral over the net with people showing off their dirty blackhead catch, but I never got that sort of effect! I have used a similar mask before and nada with those too.

The BLAQ mask was easy to apply and had a fairly thick consistency which was easily spreadable, I used an old foundation brush to apply. I applied to freshly cleansed skin, to wash off any excess dirt and oils, and to also open up my pores. It took about 30-40 mins to dry completely before I was able to peel. It becomes really thin, but its quite stretchy and strong so can bare the pull of peeling. I actually managed to peel the whole thing off and keep it in one piece! It gave my skin a smoother finish as I believe it would have also peeled of dead skin cells. The active charcoal in the product is supposed to draw out dirt for the visible removal of blackheads and impurities but I didn't see an noticeable black or white heads but defo saw some baby invisible hairs that had been pulled out.

The Faceshop Chia Seed Hydrating Toner

The first of the Chia Seed Faceshop Trio , I have to start by saying that they all smell really lovely. They are high in Omega-3 and antioxidants. Chia seed moisturises and invigorates the complexion, making it smooth and supple.

I used this toner after cleansing and found it really gentle on my skin. I used it after an acid toner, so it was soothing, hydrating and calming . I prefer to use spritz toners on my face so that I have a mist soaking into my skin, which than also improves the way my eye cream and serum sinks into my skin.

The Faceshop Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream

This cream is of a gel formula, which smells lovely and takes its time to sink into the skin once applied. This formula is made up of chia seed to combat dry skin and cottonseed to control oiliness The gel formula isn't sticky but you can definitely feel it on your skin after its dried up, leaving a matte feel on the skin. I really enjoyed using this cream during the day to help reduce shine through out the day. It is super hydating and kept my skin shine free longer than my normal moisteriser. This is defiently a product I would consider purchasing as I have been using it daily. The sample is still going and is long lasting product.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion

I thought this would work just as well as the intense hydrating cream, but It wasnt as hydrating and I felt I still needed more moisterier after using it. The product contains chia seeds rather than water. It is light in texture and has a sheer finish. Although I have oily skin, my skin can get really dehydratyed especially as its winter and I have the heating on in the house a lot. It was fine to use, if I has used an oil/ serum before hand. I didnt really find that was effective in anyway. I preferred using this emulsion in the evening after a serum.

Over all I did notice brightness and was complemented on my skin and how refreshed I look after using the trio for a few days. I believe my skin was hydrated and plump!

Zuii Organic Mascara

The mascara actually smells like lychees to me! It is made up of lots of natural oils so it has lot benefits for nourishing the lashes, however I wasnt able to achieve the look I love. I prefer full thick lashes and this mascara wasnt able to give me that. I was able to achieve a natural look with the brush just about coating each lash. It would be great for a laid back natural makeup look.

It was easy to take off as It wasnt clumpy or thickly coated on the lashes.


This rich and creamy night cream worked a treat. It left my skin hydrated and supple. The formula was not greasy but a little went a long way. You didnt need too much of it to spread around the face. It smelt really lovely too. Would have been nice if the sample was a big bigger, As these things need more time to show effect!

I had one favourite product from the bunch and will defo consider purchasing it. I love gel moisterisers and The Faceshop Hydrayting Cream ticked all the boxes. Its still quite a cold winter and these were really hydrating and nourishing.

The other Bellabox subscribers got some french and UK goodies, which I have used before so I wasnt too gutted.

Sal x