THE LIP LAB : Foundation and Lipstick

If you know me, you know I have a love for lipstick. I first heard of The Lip Lap when I was living in London, so I was really excited to be a part of the fun experience of having a shade blended for me.

The Lip Lab is the very first of its kind in Australia to use this product and blending machine together and there is only one in Melbourne CBD. As I already had a meeting booked in the city, I decided to book myself in for a ‘Blend Your Own Foundation’ and a Lipstick.

Ive been buying foundations for years and Im yet to find one that really matches my skin. If I have found the right shades, the tones are not right so after a while its either too grey or too orange. This was the perfect opportunity to have a customised shades made to my skin tone/ type.

There was a deal of a BYO Foundation and Lipstick for $75 if you share and tag posts on social media, so I opted for this package. I didn't even think of the lipstick shade I wanted until the morning of the appointment. I pretty much have lipstick shades that I am happy with/ or would like to wear, so I decided to have a lipstick made which was similar to MAC’s Soar Lipliner. I wear that on the daily and haven't been able to find a lipstick in the same shade. The soar Lipliner is of a Pink Taupe shade and the one I got made was similar but a bit more on the brown side.

I have made a video of my experience and how both the items are made, so this post will concentrate on the finer details.

Blend Your Own Foundation

I was asked a few questions so the beautician had a better idea of what I wanted the foundation to do for my skin, my skin type, the finish I wanted for the foundation. I had three shades tested on my skin, so we knew the best shade and if we needed to lighten/ darken /mix shades.

We added several toners to the foundation mix to help with counteracting darkness ( blue) and redness ( green). We also added a pearly highlighter toner to add a sheen for dewy finish.

The mixture was then microwaved for a little while to help mix the products together and then poured into a pump bottle. I prefer pump bottles as they are easy to dispense product and more hygienic. The product looks like there is a lot, but its a 30ml bottle, which is the same as most foundations.


The beautician swatched the lipliner shade I wanted to have replicated and started pouring different pigments to her chart to mix. I was pretty impressed that in the first go she had a shade that pretty much looked like the Soar Lipliner!! I chose for a matte finish, as thats all I seem to be wearing these days. Their matte cremes are of a plant base wax.

I had to take my lipstick off so we could test the lipstick several times until I was happy with the colour. I didn't want to get a fragrance added to the lipstick but opted for a limp plumper!

Once all the ingredients were combined the mix was microwaved for 40 seconds and then added to the spinner to combined everything well and then straight into the lipstick mould. It was then left to set for about 5mins.

I had a choice of a round or square silver case , or even a black Swarovski diamante encrusted case, for an additional cost. I kept it simple with the square silver case which also had a magnetised lid.

When releasing the lipstick from its mould, the beautician had to be really careful and it was a slow process, but the beautician completed it so smoothly and with a steady hand. My lipstick was then ready! She finished off with spreading some lip release to smooth out the surface and buff out any imperfections.

I was also able to name my lipstick so I called it ‘Sal”. Who wouldn't want a lipstick named after them!

The beautician kept a note of all the ingredients and amounts used in both the foundation and lipstick which is then available if you need a top up.

It was really fun to watch how both the items were made and the techniques used. The Lip Lab would be a great experience as a birthday gift for your bestie or even a hens or baby shower.

Don't forget to check out my video of my experience and clips of how both the items were made, on my YouTube Channel

Sal x