La Baguette Café

Fridays are currently the start of my weekend and what better way to start it then enjoying brunch out? I love going out to eat and get super excited when my other half suggests it . For one it means I don't have to cook and secondly I don't want to be the one to suggest it as it will be more often than he would like!

Last Friday, he told me he had found the perfect place to take me and knew that I would love the look of the place, so without even asking to see it online I quickly took the opportunity to get out of making breakfast.

La Baguette Café is in Berwick and a new treasure hidden amongst the other shops in the quite lane. It is a french inspired cafe and we were greeted with a cheerful “Bonjour” on our arrival by a our lovely french waitress. I felt like I was back in Paris with the out door parisian seating, the round marble tables and french bistro chairs. The cafe was filled with Parisian/ french monument sketched art work, empty french wine and champagne bottles, silver wear and a mix of country and vintage decor. The cafe was lit by vintage chandeliers and lamps due to not getting enough natural light , but it gave it a very homely vibe. The waitresses were also in stripes, very chic!

The french inspired menu had a variety of items from baguettes ( off course!), omelettes, croques and french toast ( the online menu differs to what we were given ). We opted for a sweet and a savoury dish to share of Local Button Mushrooms on sourdough toast with whipped Meredith’s goat cheese, pomegranate and poached eggs & French Toast with Rhubarb and Raspberry Coulis and Lemon Curd.

I obviously started with the sweet dish and it was delicious! The french toast although quite a small portion was crispy on the outside and really soft,light and eggy on the inside. It paired well with the lemon curd and raspberry coulis. Neither were too sweet and tasted really fresh. The lemon curd had a slight tang to it, which I enjoyed. As you know I love lemony desserts so I could have done with some more of it! The flavours were not too overpowering and the dish was kept quite simple. An addition of some fresh fruits would have topped it off for me.

I finished off with the buttoned mushrooms and toast. The mushrooms were lightly fried off in butter and thyme, which wasn't too over powering. The garnish of tarragon gave it slight twist especially with the light whipped goats cheese which was my favourite part. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection. I don't enjoy the yolk when it is over cooked on the outside, but the yolk was still runny throughout and coated the mushrooms perfectly. All of the beautiful ingredients were topped on a slice of sourdough toast, which soaked in all the flavours. The addition of the pomegranate gems added some colour to the dish and also some acidy to break up the flavours.

Over all we had a lovely experience at La Baguette Cafe and the staff were really attentive and made sure we were enjoying our food and service. It brought back my Parisian memories which was an extra bonus :-)

La Baguette Café, 26 Adams Ln, Berwick VIC 3806