July '17 Empties

I have finally come to some empties this month. There is somewhat a feeling of satisfaction when a product finishes knowing you've gone through the whole lot and can now try something new. These are my first bits of empties since I came to Melbourne. I didn't bring half full products/ or I bought brand new items when I arrived. I had to be efficient with packing but also had to bare in mind, that I might not be able to find my favourite brands here, so researched before hand. So 5 months later I’ve actually got some empties.

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner Definer- Red Diva

This is all my all time favourite red lipliner/ lipstick. I have gone through so many of these and I always get complimented when I wear it. Its not like your traditional pencil liner. Its more of a soft matte lipstick texture and I literally use it all over my lips and thats it. It has a matte finish and is very long lasting. It will stop any bleeding and is a great liner if used under lipstick.

Mac Soar Lipliner

This is my everyday liner, again which I like to use all over my lips, without any lipstick. Its a browny pink that can be used to line most nude shaded lipsticks, however it is more on the pink side. I originally bought this about 4 years ago ( before the whole Kylie Jenner Lip craze began) as I wanted a perfect nude, so this was recommended to me by a MAC MUA, to match up with their lipstick in shade ‘Hot Gossip’. It can last a good few hours, but as it is not designed to be used on its own, the soft finish does ware off.

Nivea Micellar Water

I like to use a micellar water, after taking my make up off using a makeup remover wipe and before using a cleanser that I can wash off with water. As much I love Nivea products, I wasn't very impressed with this micellar water. I found that although the formula removed makeup and dirt, the formula was quite drying on the skin. I like to take my makeup off in front of the tv and then wait for an advert break to go and wash my face. Comparing it to other micellar waters from high street brands, this one was the most drying. That was the only downside for me.

Dermalogica Active Moist

This is again another long time favourite, which was recommended to me by my facialist in the UK. The Active Moist is an oil free moisturiser, which is sheer in texture and absorbs into the skin very well with out a greasy feel. I have oily skin, which can get congested (especially when I worked in the polluted city), I needed a moisturiser which wasn't to heavy and would let my skin breath. The moisturiser also contains Silk Amino acids which worked on my skins texture to keep it smooth and overall helped with ensuring my pores didn't clog up. Ive used this moisturiser for years so Im not going to repurchase this and try some new products.

Nair Salon Divine Sensitive Wax

This wax is the best. Its so easy and un messy to use for small ares of the body. Its a strip free peel off wax which isn't a sticky mess. If you get it over your fingers, it will just harden up and can be peeled it. The wax is easy to apply on to the skin and as it hardens up, it grips around the hair and which gets stuck into the hard wax. When you peel it off wax, it will lift out the hairs which are caught, leaving hair free smooth skin. It can grab really short hairs ( as short at 2mm). This is great for under arm and face. Ive not tried it on my legs or arms as its a larger area to cover as it can be quite a tedious job, lets leave that to the professionals! The box also states that you will be hair free for 4 weeks, but that really depends on the individual and the rate that your own hair grows.

Thanks for reading.

Sal x