Life Update: Moving to Melbourne!

Hi guys, so its been forever since I've been able to get a blog post out! I don’t really have a reason other than I’ve had big changes in my life. That’s not the best excuse or anything, but the time has literally just flown by. I have been itching to get back to blogging and also start a YouTube channel, so that is all in the works currently.

As you may have guessed, I’ve moved to Melbourne! YAAAAAY. I’ve been down under now for just over 5 months and I’m finally all settled in. I am living in the suburbs with my significant other and life is great! We just need a cat :-) Long distant relationships are not easy so seeing his face every day is a dream come true. Getting a new home and filling it from scratch was not easy and very expensive but we finally got there. I haven’t started working full time just yet, I want to concentrate on the blog, whilst I have a chance and also enjoy Melbourne and be a tourist for a while longer.

It was super-hot when I arrived (Feb was still summer) but it’s now Autumn/ Winter and the weather pretty much is just like London. Gloomy, rainy and very cold. It can range been 7-15 degrees. It’s not all sun sea and sand here in Melbourne, as most people think! It will pass and im looking forward to summer again. There are so many trips I would like to take and the sun is a definite must.

Adjusting to life in a new city , some 10,000 miles away from what I call home was not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes I miss my family ( a lot) , yes I miss being independence and knowing everything I need to about a place, yes I miss being comfortable but being with the person I love who has supported me immensely during this transition has made it so much easier. His family are amazing and supportive and his friends have become my friends. I see the move as the beginning of something new in terms of my career, coming out of my comfort zone and starting a new life somewhere that I know very little about. For a long time I did the same thing day in day out, so I'm really looking forward to discovering a new city on my own, making new friends and starting a new family.

The most common thing I get asked by Melbournians is: How’s Melbourne different to London?

Well for one I’m missing the transport! The connections are not so great in Melbourne, especially in the suburbs. You need to drive everywhere really and I only just got a car last week which now allows me some freedom in travelling. In London I had the independence and freedom to go wherever I wanted and not worry about a thing. The inner city has free trams which are quite good and gets you from one place to another.

Another big difference is there is a lot more open space. You can actually see the views and lovely sunsets without it all being blocked of by tall buildings. Driving around, you may pass a field and many horses, lambs and cows just grazing away. You have wineries, fields, forest, reserves and beaches more or less everywhere! Im still in awe even after seeing it nearly every day. If you live in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs you can pretty much get to a beach, a botanical garden or to the mountains within half hour.

I love going into the city as it feels like home. All the tall buildings, the hustle bustle of people trying to get somewhere and the vibe. Its like no other and I feel it as soon as I cross the Kings Bridge over the Yarra River. Crown Casino on my right and the beautiful view of Southbank and Flinders Street Station in the distance. The CBD is much smaller compared to Central London but its just as rich in culture and beauty. You don't get the same kind of busy traffic everywhere ( like London) and you can drive your way round and if your lucky find somewhere to park (for free!) I like walking around, exploring my surroundings and seeing the similarities in architecture. Many buildings are like those in London so the feeling of being at home is always there.

The Food and Coffee culture here is huge. I fell in love with coffee after my first trip to Melbourne and I was never able to get one just as good in London. Coffee is a way of life and I cant go a week without having a good strong latte. I still need my cup of tea at least once a day but something about coffee just seems much cooler in Melbourne ;-)

The people here are so much more friendlier. People you don't know will say hello and ask "hows it going". You can be walking the streets or going into a restaurant. People are just nicer, which is always a great welcome into a new country.

All in all I love being here in Melbourne and I do miss London occasionally but I have it just as good here. Whose going to complain if your living in the worlds most liveable city? Not me!

Sal x