My Money Saving Tips: Food and Other Bits

The story of my life is that a large chunk of my money is spent on food and going out! Over the last few years I have been able to put together some staple ways thats I can save some money and it also make a difference on my wallet. This months focus is on Food and Other bits. I previously put together a post on how I save money when it comes to Beauty and Fashion and the last and final instalment will be on Travel.

Breakfast and Lunch on a Work day I love eating out and the idea of grabbing breakfast and lunch on the go on a work day sounds so much easier, but when I think about it I could actually end up spending at least £250 a month just on work day food! For a long time now I have stopped buying lunch and bring in my own packed lunch to work. A large factor to that choice was getting bored of what I was buying for lunch and it being so expensive and unhealthy most the time! Now Im eating much healthy home cooked meals for lunch, feeling satisfied at the end of it and saving lots of money. It can be tiresome at the end of the day to prepare lunch but I find it the easiest to bring in what I had for dinner to save some time.

I still buy a Pret coffee in the morning, as its just so much better than instant coffee along with a hot breakfast now and then ( I'm not really into cereal ) but I have planned to kick start a healthier breakfast diet and bring in Yoghurt and Fruit from home for breakfast and have a Green Tea to substitute daily coffees. One step at a time!

Buying in bulk from a local supermarket as opposed to single items from the supermarket or corner shops near busy work areas will definitely work out much cheaper. All in all a huge drop in spending will show when you bring your own lunch and breakfast in. I do off course have the odd occasional treat where I enjoy going to my local vietnamese noodle bar and will grab myself a salad.

Supermarket Money Saving Apps

Have you heard of Checkout Smart or Shopitize? I actually use both of these apps with my family so I know thats its legit. Both apps have offers on them on a weekly basis ( starting on Wednesdays) where there are a variety of products that you can save some money on when you buy them from certain shops. Checkout Smart actually also offer free products!

All you need to do it make sure you buy the right product from the supermarkets listed, process it on the app ( scan the barcode and then the receipt) and wait for it to be approved. Once its approved it will build up the balance from all the savings you have made and over time you can withdraw the balance either to paypal or your bank! Simple as.

Off course your only really saving money if you buy products that you need and dont spend extra on items you dont, but buy as you can get it for cheaper. Offers for Items such as Milk, Broccoli , Lettuce, Cheese are on the apps regularly so I am able to get a regular saving each week on items I need.

Quidco and Top Cash Back also offer similar offers.

T&C: one receipt to be used per app. To be processed before expiry of offer. Check the apps T&C for further details.

Try Me Free Offers

Have you ever seen a TRY ME FREE OFFER label on products? Yes you can actually try the product for free! These offers are usually linked with new items for a brand, where feedback is required. You wont really know about these offers unless you see the label on the product. These offers are mostly one per household and all you need to do it follow the instruction on how to give feedback and post it out with your prf of purchase. Lots of the brands that offer the TMFO also refund postage costs.

This link is a really great site in regards to TMFO in the UK.

TasteCard TasteCard is a great cheap alternative for dining out. You can get meals for 2 for 1 or 50% off which is great when your splitting the bill. It has some of my favourite restaurants listed with the card such as Pizza Express, Prezzo, Strada and Cabana. Taste Card are always offering free trails for the card where you can can get a card for 90days at only £1!

The yearly membership otherwise for the card is £79.99 annually. Its worth checking out the listed restaurant to see if its worth the cost. The tastecard app also lists independent restaurant that accept the card. T&C applies for days and times the card will be accepted.

Check out TasteCard website for more details.

Shopping I have been shopping a few times where customers have been informed that the product they are buying is in a special offer ( such as Buy one get one free) and they have said no thank you to their free product! These sorts of offers are great when purchasing items you know you use and will most likely use again.

Most items have long shelf life and some fresher items can also be frozen. Many products are just as great to use when they come out the freezer after defrosting. This can also be done with left over home cooked meals , rather then chucking away just pop into a freezable container and put to freeze. ( ensure food is eaten before end of freeze life).

Store Cards If you shop at a certain supermarket regularly make sure you have their points store card. Most well known supermarkets have a points card which can be used towards future shopping and Other items.

Tesco club card allows you to boost your vouchers, which you receive after accumulating points to use with Tesco's Clubcard Partners. Over the last few years i've been able to get free tickets to Kensington Palace, Tickets to use with MegaBus and also boost the value of my points to buy items from Tesco. Read here for more information.

Sainsbury also do a similar thing with their Nectar card. You can also collect nectar card points from other affiliated stores such as Asos and Ebay. Read here for more information.

So these are some of my money saving tips and ways to make the most of what you already have. Hope these have been useful . If you have any other interesting ways to save money , I would love to know!

Sal x