My Favourite Eyeliners

I love a good eye liner! I have used eyeliners for as long as I can remember. The obsession started when I was at college and H&M sold their range of colours which had glitter in them. My friends and I had the whole range, Gold, Green, Brown to Bright Purple! The good old days. I then went onto wearing black liner or Black Kohl rimming my waterline. I liked the feeling of having intense goth eyes, especially after it would start smudging onto my skin! The obsession did not stop there. Over the years I have bought and collected many eyeliners which I have slightly changed in the way I use them.

More recently I love a basic black or brown pencil smudges above my lashes, which creates a fuller lash line. Simple and quick on the go. I also love using eye liners as a soft alternative to a liner flick, using a pencil as appose to liquid liners. Most formulas these days are of a gel consistency so they glide on really well and a flick can be created more easily. Pencils dont take up a lot of space and can have a dual use of lining and shadows which stay put, with a bit of blending. Easy to travel with and can easily be packed to be space efficient.

My current favourites are the Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12 Hr wear. They are waterproof and so easy to use. They last all day and stay put. I use shade 13 Tiramisu on a more daily basis. This is a matte finish. I also love shades 33 Love Affair (a plum shade ) and 14 Cocoa (brown shade). These two shades are a shimmer shade, so adds a little sparkle to the look.

I literally line each eye at a time at the lash line, use a pencil brush such as the Zoeva 230 Luxe Brush and smudge it to make it less so harsh. I then take the brush and brush onto the pencil lead to get some product onto the bristles. I then use the brush to create a flick on my eye. It wont be a perfect line, but the point on the brush will help you get there. This is the way I like to line my eyes in a hassle free way, as we know perfect liquid liner is not easy! ( pic at the bottom of page with my look)

As you can probably tell from my swatches below I love Browns, Purples and Golds which I find compliments my eyes and my skin tone. All the below glide on easily and last all day. I can blend them with a brush if I want a softer look, working with one eye as a time, before they set. They also come off gently, using eye make up remover without irritating the eyes.

Who else thinks eye liners are the best? I still secretly love wearing a black liner in my water line to give a smouldering look, but it makes my eyes look so small!

Sal x

Soft eye liner using the Sephora Tiramisu Matte Liner and a brush!