My August Birchbag

The August birchbox has instead come this month in a great little Scuba Birchbag. I received my samples in a Pink Pufferfish coloured rimmed, grey pouch bag. Great little bag for the summer travels. Its deep enough to fit all essentials whilst travelling. This bag is one of many Birchbags I've received and they are actually super cute and usable.

This months bags had some great treats which I was also able to use on my travels and they actually come to use. Every bag came with a Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner and all subscribers had the opportunity to choose their shade.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Mulberry

This eye liner was an birchbox exclusive this month. I LOVE eyeliners, especially ones that have a sheen or some shine to it. The mulberry shade is great for me, as it compliments my brown eyes and looks great on my brown tanned skin tone. The liner is a sheer formula and glides on really well. It was also very easy to blend and smudge. It is a waterproof formula and lasted all day in the heat without melting away. This liner will defiantly be part of my staples make up kit.

Parlour by Jeff Chasten, Volumizing Lifting Spray

Birchbox love sending out Parlour samples! Unfortunately for me, I'm not so great with doing my hair , other than letting is dry naturally and leaving it out. I’m a simple gal. This spray did what it said on the packaging, but was slightly sticky and I dont like that feeling in my hair. However I love the smell of Parlour products, Sweet and sexy. This would be a great product is if I knew how to use it to its full potential.

Balance Me, Radiance Face Mask

This clay face mask with granules exfoliated my skin and left it feeling fresh. You only needed a light layer, which then dries onto the face quite transparent with some residues. It easily washed off leaving soft and supple skin. Only down side for me what that I found it a little drying compared to other clay face masks.

Anatomicals, Citrus Body Scrub

When exfoliating my body , I need to be very lightly aggressive to get very smooth results. This scrub was of a gel formula, so I found the granules just slid along with the gel and did not buff away at my skin. It easy rinsed of my body and smells quite citrusy. This isn't a go to product for me.

Merci Handy Love and Hand Cleansing Gel

This bacteria busting hand gel is said to be packed with vitamins to hydrate and nourish. I received a full size sample in Wave New, which I kept in my bag all summer. It smells amazing, far from the alcohol smelly standard hand gels.The only downside was that I felt I needed to wash my hands after each use, as it left a sticky residue on my hands and was quite uncomfortable!

Nude Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly

This little extra small sample we received was a jelly cleanser. It was of a thick jelly consistency which then became an oil when it was managed onto the skin and then became milky when it came into contact with water. The sample was only for one use. I found that when washing away the product it left a waxy residue behind. So it didn't feel like all the product was washed away.

Overall there were quite a few useful products and some disappointments. I loved the bag and my sister has already nicked it so she can use it!

Sal x