Daniel Sandler | Watercolour Liquid Blush

I am ever so late to the discovery of Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Liquid blushes. Its better late then never, as these are just perfect. Ive heard my sister rave about these a lot, so I though I would make the most of a Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty discount coupon and picked out 4 colours to buy ( Look fantastic didn't have the whole range, so thats why I also ordered from Cult Beauty).

There is a whole range of colours ranging from natural to vivid shades, but I kept it quite low key with the shades I bought. I bought Glamour, So Pretty , Passion and Cherub. The formulas all contain Vitamin E and Jojoba to enhance application and nourish skin. They are silicone based and oil free which helps avoids clogged pores. The formula is also waterproof!

The formula is self is liquid and has to be shaken vigorously before using to mix well. You literally only need a small drop of product which can be used on both cheeks. I just squeeze a small drop on to the back of my hand, use a synthetic brush to pick up the product and then dab the product onto my cheeks and just blend away! The product formula is light so very easily bendable to achieve a seamless finish. You can go in with some more product if you want a deeper desired shade, but I find that one drop is enough as these are quite pigmented for a liquid formula. These are not as pigmented as a powder blush but has quite a deep dewy finish.

I love these for the summer as it lets my skin achieve a dewy natural look and gives my skin radiance. Its long lasting and very pretty. Passion and So Pretty have shimmers in them. So Pretty is pinky, Passion is brown/bronzy. Glamour is an orangey peach and Cherub is a baby pink. I like to layer the shimmer shades on top of the non shimmer shades for a dewier finish. They also look amazing on their own.

These would also work well in the cooler seasons, as it isn't drying but nourishing. These will give the skin a healthy glow appearance when in fact you may just be feeling blah in the winter! These would also be ideal to take away on holiday due to the waterproof formula which would work well with the heat and beaches.

These are just amazing and I have fallen in love. As I get older I prefer a more natural look and wearing less makeup. These feel so light on the skin and have been perfect. I can definitely say that I will be wearing these a lot!