Kylie LipKit | Buyer Experience

The Kylie Lipkits have been a huge craze and I know I'm a bit late, but I never really wanted them to begin with. But as most people know, when you constantly see something Its hard to say no! For those of you who are planning on purchasing or if your just interested in my journey of buying them, keep reading!

I contemplated over a few restocks about the shades I would like/ or if I even wanted them. After my first last minute attempt, 20 mins after restock and loosing the good shades from my basket, (whilst still making a impulsive decision) I gave up! I knew it was an impulsive decision and after reading a few negative reviews I still wasn't too sure if I wanted them.

Like most people, I follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat (kylizzlemynizzl) and she is always promoting her brand and wearing her lipkits and like usual she is always looking fab. I saw her wearing some of the bolder shades and as you might all know, I love a bold lip. So that's when I decided I wanted the deeper shades. I'm usually wearing a matte lip most days anyway so thought "WTH I want some too!"

Over the weeks, I saw that there was a trend of a weekly 11PM UK Time restock, so I just kept updated with social media for a confirmation. I got my self registered to the site and knew what shades I wanted.

On the Friday night of restock, before tucking my self into bed, I used my laptop to purchase these goodies. I didn't find it that difficult and I did get the shades I wanted, except just the one because it sold out!. (I got greedy and decided to look through the other shades just in case I missed something!) It was pretty straight forward, mostly likely because there were regular restocks and everyone was getting their fair share!

I purchased the matte shades PosieK, KourtK and 22. With delivery they were about £78. They are a bit steep in price at $29 each and $14.95 for international shipping. To avoid multiple shipping costs I did try and purchase all the lip-kits that I wanted in one go.

In total it took about 3 weeks for the kits to arrive. The International tracking on the emails and KylieCosmetics Website showed that the items were delivered after about 2 weeks, which is when I got really worried because I didn't receive anything at this point. I had read some articles about other buyers deliveries coming empty so I was really paranoid! I did at this point email the Kylie Cosmetics Team and have just realised I never heard back from them!

I later found out that the delivery status was for my local post office. I did have to wait another week to receive the kits, after I had cleared the custom charges ( £20). So in total I spent £98 for 3 lip kits! To make myself feel better I have justified the spend on 6 items! ( Lipstick and Lipliner)

Here are a few points I feel may better your experience of a KylieLipKit Shop.

  1. Register yourself on the KylieCosmetics Site

  2. Know what you want to buy, so no riff raffing about and loosing items from your basket, whilst you make a decision.

  3. Follow Kylie Jenner on your snapchat and follow these Instagram accounts for updates for restock dates/ times: kylielipkit_updates, kyliejenner, kyliecosmetics

  4. Know the conversion of $ to £. So you are aware of what you are paying.

  5. Have an alarm on your phone a few mins before 'restock' time and log into your account on the website.

  6. Have your bank card ready

  7. Don't panic whilst trying to get your order finalised.

  8. Wait patiently for your delivery :-)

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