Philips Satinelle Advance Wet and Dry Epilator

BRE630/00 Philips Satinelle Advance Wet and Dry Epilator


The wet summer is finally here in London and although its been raining with lots of overcasts, its been humid as ever. This means the Tshirts and cami's can come out. I havn't really been bothered with the hairy arms until now as it hasnt been weather appropriate to get them out, but its definitely the time now!

I recent purchased my third epilator, from Boots. I didn't want to spend a fortune as I dont have the need to remove hair that frequently and I would only really use the epilator for my arms. I like to wax everywhere else! However on the odd occasion I do use the epilator on other parts of the body. I do not shave my arms, legs or underarms. I have had laser hair removal on those parts of my body with really good effect, so I avoid shaving at all costs. As I cant be booking in wax appointment on a regular basis, the epilator is the next best alternative for me.

As you all know I LOVE Boots! I picked up the Philips Satinelle Advance Wet and Dry Epilator BRE630/00 which was reduced by £40 and I also used up coupons I had to add on the Boots Advantage Card points! This model is the older model of another 2 I think. The reason I purchased this model was:

- It was the cheapest. The cost was only increased in most of the other models, as they had 2-3 more head attachments.

- The important specifications of the product were all the same as the other models.

- I trust Philips, all my last epilators were from philips and lasted years.

- It can be used Wet or Dry.

So the important features of the BRE630/00 as advertised as:

- Cordless, Rechargeable ( 1.5hr for full charge) giving you 40min usage time.

- Use for Body, Legs and Face

- S Shape handle design

- Has a unique Opti Light to see the fine hairs

- The epilation head is 30mm wide with unique ceramic disc of 32 catching points.

- Wet and Dry Use

- Body Care heads included for personalised use, Including a massage cap for ease of epilation. This model came with 5 caps: Message Head, Shaving cap, trimming cap and 2 delicate caps for facial and bikini/underarm area.

I enjoyed using this epilator but I was comparing it a lot to the older models I have had and was not fully satisfied. They are not quite the same and I did prefer the older versions. However they are no longer available on the market. As the saying goes, "Oldies but goldies!" No point dwelling anymore.

On a full charge the ceramic disc worked well and the discs turned quickly, which made the hair removal process quicker and not so painful. The massage disc also helped a little bit to ease the pain. The epilator also charged to full power quickly, which I would recommend for each use. This will ensure that the epilator is used to its full power potential. There are two speed setting and the default is on the higher setting. This can be brought to the slower setting, by pressing the power button again.

The epilator worked well and picked up all the hairs on my arms. My arm hairs are quite fine after the laser hair removal, so I did have some difficulty on picking up the little finer hairs. This could be because I wasn't holding the epilator at a 90degree angel. The little light on the epilator was there to help see fine hairs, but if anything I found the light to be disturbing. This could be because I wasn't in a dark place and didn't require the light. There isn't a way for the Opti Light to be switched off.

The caps are all easy to change around. The heads do come out easily and can be washed well. The shaver and trimmer is also very convenient. The S shaped handle is very sturdy and gives you more control over moving the epilator around the body. Ive seen so many small epilators which look like you can only use your fingers to hold. My sister helped me with the back of my arms and from a user of the smaller epilators, she loved my epilator. She felt in control and was not so stressful on her hands and fingers.

Whilst using the epilator in the shower, I found it really hard for the epilator to grab any hairs at all! The hairs would lay flat against my skin due to the water and the epilator wasn't able to lift and pick up the hairs.

As the epilator is functioned to also use wet, this epilator cannot be used whilst its charging. These days most epilators are for wet and dry use will all have this safety feature. This was the only down side for me, as there maybe times when you dont have a full charge and need the epilator in an emergency. Also as the epilators get older, the speed and power doesn't hold as long and using the product directly whilst charging, gives a more powerful use ( my experience with my past epilators).

I do and have noticed that I get more ingrown hairs when I epilate compared to when I wax, so I have to make sure I exfoliate and moisturise very well on all occasions!

Overall the epilator does whats its designed for, the value of the product was reasonable and its convenient. I would most likely only use the epilator for a dry use, so its sucks that I cant use and charge at the same time.

Does anyone else use an epilator? What branded epilator would you recommend? I would love to hear your feedback