Kylie Matte LipKit | Review

I've been so indecisive over purchasing the lip kits for a while, but I finally gave in a couple of weeks ago and decided to purchase ONLY if I was able to get a hold of 3 lip kits or more on the restock date. I wasn't going to go mad and buy the whole collection or any shades that would possibly not look good on me. I had to act quick and did manage to get 3 out of the 4 shades I wanted.

I purchased PosieK, KourtK and 22.

PosieK: My initial thought was that this shade looks very similar to Mac's Soar lip liner. Soar lip liner is my everyday go to liner, so I wasn't that gutted that I now had a similar shade of lipstick too. Its a dusty mauve pink shade, which I find easy to wear on an everyday basis and is quite subtle. The shade suits my skin tone too.

KourtK: I love deep purples in autumn but this is a very daring dark shade for me! This deep aubergine shade is great with a very minimalist look which lets the lips be the centre of attention. I'm quite simple when it comes to makeup and I find that KourtK alone with a lined eye and natural contour is a perfect combo.

22: My favorite of the bunch! I love a red lip and hadn't found the perfect orange until I got this. This shade is a burnt orange reddish shade and will be perfect in the summer with a bronzed face. I have already worn it a few times and its a beaut.

I found that the lipliners and lipsticks where the same in formula, feeling and durability for each of the different colours.

The lip liners are soft and velvety and very easy to line the lips with. They act a little like a filler to smooth out the lips too and give a nice finish. The intensity of the colour is deepened when worn with the lipstick on top. I've worn the liners on their own and they are also very long lasting and have a velvety matte finish. The are smooth and creamy, so they glide on really easily. However the pencils do need to be sharpened more often as the product is soft and gets used up more quickly. The lipliner leave an invisible feel on the lips. I only have to top up the product once during the day, mostly after eating. The lipliner is not as drying as the lipsticks but can get a little crumbly around the mouth area of the lip. The lipliner is easy to take off and melts away with makeup remover.

The lipstick is VERY light in texture, has great pigmentation and coverage. You literally only need one coat of it. I found that layering it on, resulted in the lipstick becoming crumbly and too cakey. It took a few mins to dry and then it was pretty much set. I had to be perfect in applying the first time round as it was really hard to tidy up once the lipstick had dried. Once dry, It felt like I wasn't wearing anything and I could comfortably press my lips together, so It was great having a natural feel. However I did find that my lips needed to be super smooth before application. The formula does get into and enhances the natural lip creases, so having a smooth lip will give an overall better look. The formula can be drying so moisturise the lips plenty before hand.

I loved that the lipsticks literally lasted all day. I didn't need a top up after drinking, but maybe a little top up if I was eating a messy meal ( sandwich perhaps!). The formulas are waterproof, so it was a bit of a hassle taking the lipstick off at the end of the day and my lips needed a good rub to remove all the residue.

I did find that PosieK's lipstick formula is not as creamy as 22 and KourtK. It is much lighter but still very pigmented. I only use one coat of the product and barely need a top of during the day. Overall I do love the Lipsticks and lipliners as they are great colours, long lasting and very pigmented but only wish they were not drying. My favourite shade is 22 and have had many compliments when wearing it! It suits my skin tone and has been great for the summer.

What are your favourite Kylie shades?