My Money Saving Tips : Fashion

Welcome to part 2 of My Money Saving Tips post. I hope you enjoyed and found the beauty post to be beneficial. After beauty comes fashion for most people and although I don't have many tips, some of the below tips and information I find can be quite useful.

Wish Lists If your anything like me, you probably buy every item you see and love, which isn't healthy on the wallet. My sister taught me to create a wish lists or stalk lists, as she likes to call it. This will combine all the bits and bobs you like and give you time to think about it, rather than just impulse buying. It also lets you think about how you could pair your wish list items with other items that you already have in your wardrobe. Most of the time you will look at it again and realise that you don't actually like it or you wasn't able to wear it with anything.

Its better to wait and be certain, than have something hanging around at the back of your wardrobe still with its labels on.

I create my wish lists on Pinterest, Its a great place to keep your wish lists organised. By downloading the 'Pin it button' for my internet browser, I can easily pin the items that I like to my wishlists directly from webpages.

Fashion Trends

Trends come and go so quickly, so stop and think about how much you purchase and whether you actually like the trend. There are lots of affordable stores on the high street and Its all good in the moment when you can afford all the latest trendy items , but when a new trend comes along in the next 6 months, it wasn't cheap as you thought especially when you didn't get round to wearing all of last seasons items! This has happened to me on so many occasions especially when I was younger and wanted to 'fit in' with the crowd! This ties in with my next tip.

Basic + Accessories

As I have got older I have come to enjoy wearing basics. I love Black White and Grey pieces, keeping away from the on trends but keeping in with what I feel my style is . This has saved me a lot of money! But that doesn't mean I have to look boring. I love wearing accessories, jewellery and makeup to make my look. I love mixing with colour and having staple pieces to make an outfit. This is where I prefer to spend money, not necessary on 'on trend' items, but staple fashionable pieces that will last a long time. Mixing it up also gives each basic look a different feel, in keeping with what I like. Figure out what you like, figure out your style and keep within it.

Asos A-Lister

If you shop at Asos you might have already noticed that you are accumulating points. Every £1 that you spend gives you 5 points ( they are cleared after 28 days which allows it to balance out after returns or cancellations). Asos do many brands on their site, so if you are already thinking about purchasing items from these brands, why not just get them from Asos. Every 500 points earns you a £5 Asos voucher.

Free delivery and Online Shopping Discounts Make sure you are signed up to your favorite online shop newsletters. You will be kept updated with all the discount codes and free deliveries. H&M most often have 10-20% off on their site, so just look our for their newsletters.

The also have great discount codes.

Only buy what you can afford Credits cards and store cards can be an additional expense without you even realising it. My tip would be only use a credit card if you can pay of the full balance when the statement comes through. Otherwise each months additional interest isn't really going to make anything cheaper. Just use your debit card or cash to be on the safe side and buy what you can afford.

Over the years I have accumulated so many clothes, shoes and accessories, which I have started to sell off on Ebay. Some items are brand new with labels and some worn just a handful of times. Some expensive and some cheaper trendier items which just weren't me. I learnt that buying cheaper items were a waste of money, as they didnt really last that long look wise and I should have just spent a bit more on quality. Trends are forever changing and I only pick up key items which I know I will love and wear again once the season has change. I just need a think a bit more and not be so impulsive.

I have learnt how to be careful with spending and appreciate the few valuable pieces which define my style. If you have any other tips I would love to hear about them!