Empties: May

I have some great empties that finished in May. I dont think I have anymore products that are nearly finished so it will be a while before another empties post.

I have a variety of items this month which I have really enjoyed and will mostly likely re purchase.

Mac Fix + Spray I had this for ages and it took forever to finish! Its versatile and has many uses. Sometimes I liked using it just to mist my face before applying makeup, I would sometimes also spritz after applying all my makeup. However this bottle didn't give me an even fine mist, so it was a little splodgy and wet so I stopped spritzing directly to my face. For a better use of the product, I started to use this to dampen my beauty blender. I was able to get a good finish on my base and the product dried up quite quickly leaving a nice sheen that was not too shiny.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

This Cleansing gel is amazing. No wonder everybody loves it! The baby pink gel smells like turkish delights (roses) which turns into a smooth oil when it melts between your fingers.1-2 pumps is enough and can be used to thoroughly to cleanse away dirt and oils. I would only use this for a 2nd cleanse and not to directly take off makeup.The only one negative thing about the products is that you dont know when its coming to an end because of the pump functionality, not allowing yourself time to repurchase before the product finishing!

Benefit Gimme Brow

I have really long and packed eyebrows so a I use a brow gel daily to keep them all in place. I like the Benefit Gimme Brow because it does set my brows in place without them looking too crispy, the brush is small for a precise application and it lasts all day. The only down side is that the darkest shade is not dark enough for my brows which can then leave my brows looking a little ashy. After a few years of using this gel, I have started to use other products which have come on to the market which offer more variety in shades, which are just as good.

Bioderma This micellaire water isn't that different to the other ones I have bought. It melts/ loosens away makeup, especially mascara as a pre cleanse. A little does go a long way due to the water consistency. When this finished I compared the ingredients with some other micellaire waters and I really didn't see that much of a difference. They all had the main three primary ingredients, but all different brands and price tags. I didn't repurchase this but have bought a different brand micellaire water which I find works just as well.

Body Shop Fragrance

I dont know about anybody else but I really love the body shop fragrances. They are not as expensive as major brand fragrances, but are just as long lasting. There is a whole variety of fragrances and my favourite is the Mandarin Orchid Fragrance. I have used this fragrance for a few years now after I received it for christmas at work! A definite repurchase as Its a great fragrance for summer and inexpensive.