FREAKSHAKES | @MollyBakesCupcakes

When you decide you want a cool sweet and heavy beverage on a warm day out in London....Where do you go? Molly Bakes!

A few weekends ago when it was super hot sandal weather, my sister and I decided to walk through to Kingsland Road and stop off at Molly Bakes Cafe to try one of their Freakshakes. OK....So we just about got there and saw the mahoosive que outside. We waited for nearly an hour before we could even start to take a sip of our drink. IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!

Molly Bakes comprises of an actual production bakery and the Cafe. Check our their website for some more information and also their huge client list! The Cafe is located on Kingsland Road, in the middle of a quite a small stretch of bars and cafes. It has a clean modern tropical look with some great art pieces displayed to keep you busy whilst you wait. The menu consists of light breakfast, hot drinks, popular baked treats and off course the Freakshake.

Due to the popularity of the cafe, it is really difficult to get a seat and the wait is long (this can also be because we went during a very warm weekend). But people wait. Its a great place and you get to see the production line of shakes with the time and effort put into each one.

My sister and I decided to share a Raspberry shake. I wish we didn't. I wish I had got my own! There are 4 flavors to choose from all at £7 each: Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Caramel.

The Raspberry shake was divine.

It was covered in dry frozen raspberry sprinkles which were bursting in flavour, chocolate sprinkles, a chunky peanut cookie, light fluffy whipped cream, a block of ice-cream and a flamed marshmallow! But that's just the beginning. After munching away at some of the cookie and ice-cream, I finally had a sip of the shake. It was so yummy. It was smooth and creamy but tasted like a smoothie. Then all of a sudden I felt popping candy! That was a surprise and really fun. After slurping away at all the goodness, I enjoy spooning out the marshmallow fluff that was surrounding the inside of the mason jar which was a fun messy job. Its okay to say that one shake between two is quite enough and still very satisfying. Despite that I was in heaven and would have been able to have a shake all to myself. :-)

It was a great experience where my inner child was let loose and I completely forget that I was sitting at the front of the cafe and all these people were watching me enjoy my shake and most likely had a thought of how greedy I looked! I cant even start to imagine how amazing the chocolate or even peanut butter freakshake tastes, but the though it of it making me salivate!

I will definitely be popping in for some breakfast and a morning shake very soon!

Find Molly Bakes Cafe at: 450 Kingsland Road London E8 4AE