Spectrum Marbleous Collection Brushes

How pretty are these brushes from Spectrum?? They are just so gorgeous and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw a feature on the Birchbox Instagram account.

I received the C03 brush in one of my birchboxes not so long ago which I fell in love with and I knew how great it worked, so that tempted me even more to purchase this set.

The Marbleous brushes are all finished with rose gold, white and grey. These are the perfect colours and very on trend at the moment, definitely Instaworthy! So many people have posted their brushes ( #spectrumcollections) and they just look lush and each time I see a new picture, I fall in love all over again!.

I purchased the full 12 piece set, as I could not settle with just a few! The set consists of Spectrum's 4 best selling face brushes and 8 eye brushes. The were all for a total of £64.99 directly from Spectrum's Website ( www.spectrumcollections.com)

B01 - Flat Top Buffer B02 - Domed Buffer C03 - Tulip Powder C04 - Angled Powder

B06 -Tall Tapered Blender B04 - Small Angled Shader A08 - Medium Fluffy Shader A06 - Large Fluffy Shader A07 -Stubby Shader A12 - Fluffy Pencil A13 - Short Smudge C06 - Tulip Eye Contour

The brushes are all synthetic so great for those creamy products and the soft/ lightly dense bristles create a flawless finish. I personally prefer to use natural bristle for powders and synthetics with cream. I find that natural bristles picks up the product better and synthetics blend cream better. However, these brushes also work well with powder products. I use the Angle powder brush with my loose and pressed powders, the tulip powder to highlight/ blush and the shader brushes for eye shadows, concealing and smudging.

The bristles are not super dense, which I feel allows the bristles to move more freely, leaving a seamless finish. This does however mean that foundation can get lost between the bristles of the two buffer brushes. I tend not to apply foundation directly to my brushes, but rather on to my face and spread it all over in a stippling movement using the brush. I find that this minimises the lost of product.

The eye brushes come in a variety of brush sizes and shapes to shade, smudge and draw. I have not had to use them all yet as I do keep my eye make up pretty basic, but I have enjoyed using the smudger ( A13) to give my eye-liner a more relaxed look and the fluffy shadow brushes (A09 and A06) for a great for all over colour and creasing. The B06 and C06 are ideal for a more of a defined crease in the eye socket. I also used some of the brushes to blend concealer which worked very well.

The brushes are easy to hold and use, they are not so thick or thin to hold so ensures stability when moving and using. When it comes to washing, they clean up quite well without loosing any bristles but can take a day to dry up enough to use again.

Over all this set is great for beginners as it covers most essentials (no eye-liner brush , damn!), they have fool proof finishes, they are in-expensive and look just adorable! I cant say no to a bit of rose gold.

I also purchased the make-up bag separately, because I need to have it all! Its a great size bag which fits all the brushes and a lot more. Its great to travel with as you wont need all your brushes and will have space for your make-up essentials. The spectrum website also has lots of other great brushes and accessories including their brush cleaners and blending sponges which I adore.

Has anyone else purchased these or any of the other spectrum brushes? What are your thoughts?

Sal x