My Money Saving Tips: Beauty

How expensive is life these days!? There used to be time when you could buy heaps for £50! Year after year everything has just increased in price meaning you don't have as much spare money to enjoy yourself. I live in London and everything from Food, Travel and Shopping is so dear in price and like everyone else I am always on the hunt to find the best ways to save money and make the most of my hard work.

You may or may not know but there are so many ways you can make the most of companies who offer ways to save and gain. Some people dont find it worth the hassle or just cant be bothered but in the long run its super useful and beneficial.

I have put together my money saving tips in a couple of major areas to share with my readers and hope that it benefits you all. I will divide the different areas in different posts, to be part of my Money Saving Tips set of posts!

Today I'm going to start with the most important, Beauty!


Sign up for a Boot Advantage Card. This is a must have in my eyes. For every £1 that you spend you accumulate 4 points. Each point is worth 1pence. I purchase most of my makeup and beauty products from Boots and always use my advantage card and very quickly I collect lots of points. If you also sign up with The Boots App, you can link your card to it and have additional point offers activated allowing you collect further point. e.g collect £3 in points if you spend £30 or more. However you don't want to spend unnecessary money just to collect points, as you're not really saving anything. In the many years that I've had my card, I have collected enough points to be able to purchase* an electronic tooth brush and brushes, many perfumes and lots of high end makeup! Definitely worth having.

Not only is it useful for beauty products, but its also great for purchasing baby items, food, hair care, gifts, electrical items and so much more.

* You cannot purchase items unless you have the full amount of points to cover. No part cash/ point payment.

Back to Mac

If you didn't already know, Mac do a 'Back to Mac' scheme where if you return 6 recyclable items you will be given a free Mac lipstick. I have a whole blog post on the scheme, where you can check out the details. Link to the post.

Offers in Store Many stores do promotional offers. Make the most of them! You can get the buy 1 get one free's and 3for2. I get most of my essentials like cotton pads, shampoo/ conditioners and dental care in this way and just stock up. Many Online beauty stores like Lookfantastic also offer % off on products purchases.

My Theory on the 3for2 offer

Boots do many 3for2 offers throughout their skincare and makeup products, where you get the cheapest item free! You do need to be smart at the counter though and make sure you pay ( if you buy more than 3, in multiple of 3) in such a way that the free item claimed is not always the item with the smallest value. Sounds confusing. let me explain!

If you bought 6 items at values of: £10, £8, £6, £4, £3, £2. If you purchase all in one go, You will get the £3 and £2 for free. Saving you £5.

However if you purchase in two transactions:

Transaction 1: £10, £8, £6. You get the £6 item free.

Transaction 2: £4, £3, £2. You get the £2 item free.

Overall you save £8.

If might feel like much when you get to the counter, but the savings do add up! The same would apply anywhere you get these sort of offers. It can be a bit embarrassing, so why not try go to a less busy store at non peak times and use the self check outs!

A little goes a long way

When using most products you actually don't need a lot. Most product labels tell you how much you need to use and it might not seem a lot, but its actually enough. Products such as shampoo, face cream, cleansing oils, serums, hair products and toners can last its course if using the appropriate amounts. Over all your product lasts longer meaning you don't have to buy it as often.

My mum told me the other day that her friend's daughter uses a 900ml shampoo in 4 washes and that its getting too expensive! You defo do not need that much shampoo to get a good clean!

Investing in the right products If anyone is a beauty junkie like myself they will know how expensive it can be. My sister taught me to 'invest' and spend more on items that I use more regularly and not everything. For example I like to invest money on makeup/ skin care that relate to the appearance of my complexion.

I use these products daily, so I don't mind spending a bit more on them especially if I'm happy with the end results. For example I do love wearing different shades of lip products but they don't get used as much as my skin care/ Makeup items, so I don't splash out regularly on them.

Samples/ Testing Who doesn't love a good sample. If you are purchasing items from a department store, don't feel shy in asking if they have an sample! Most brands have them and are happy to give their buying customers items to test/ discover. I remember a while back I was at Kiehl's purchasing some products and I just asked if they had any samples of a product I wanted to try. They were happy to give whole range. You don't have anything to loose if you ask! Its better you ask and try a product before purchasing full price and its not working out for you.

I can never buy a foundation without trying it out at first. Most brands understand this and have sample/ containers to provide a sample. Other brands don't. I always carry little sample containers when I'm out make up shopping. These pop out when a brand tells me they don't have sample container! "don't worry I have a container" always surprises them. Foundation is expensive and the last thing you wants is to buy a whole bottle to realise that you have the wrong shade or it doesn't work for your skin. Carry sample pots ( pick some up from superdrugs or recycle old ones after washing) when out shopping to ensure you are able to test before purchasing.

Everybody's skin tone/ type is different and when it comes to makeup everything is not going to be perfect for you even when it comes to shading/ colours. As much as I love to impulse buy I have come to learn after many disappointment moments, that make sure you are 100% when purchasing items.

Online Shopping

Some online beauty stores offer discounts to new account holders or newsletter subscribers, so make sure you make accounts and not just purchase as a guest user. Subscribe to newsletters to be updated with all offers and discounts.

Online stores such at Beauty Bay, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and Cult Beauty usually have discounts codes available/ or free shipping. Some stores also have promotional offers, where you can claim free gifts when you spend a certain amount, so look out for those offers too!

Look Fantastic currently have 15% off on all orders* using code FAB15

I've really enjoying sharing my Money Saving Tips around beauty products. I hope you have found them useful. If you have any tips that I don't know about, I would love for you to share them with me!



*exclusions apply