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I had accumulated so many Mac empties in the last couple of months, especially after de-potting my eye shadows and coming to the end of my long lasting concealers and skin finish powder, that I was super excited to go drop these off to Mac in exchange for a free Mac Lipstick! A couple of months ago I picked up 'D for Danger' and more recently I picked up 'Sin'. This is a great way to add to my collection of lipsticks without feeling so guilty about how often I dont wear them!

Some people don't know about the scheme that Mac offers, so are really surprised and excited when I mention it. I can see them counting away in their mind trying to figure out which items they are nearly done with!

So the details:

Mac accepts the return of 6 Primary Packaging containers and as a thank you they will give you 1 Mac lipstick of your choice ( excluding Viva Glam and Limited Edition Lipsticks).

The primary packagings are:

  • Blush Compacts

  • Eye Shadow Pans

  • Foundation Bottle/ Tube

  • Lipstick Tube

  • Lipglass Tube

  • Cream Colour Base

  • Liquid Liner Tube

  • Mascara Tube

  • Pigment Container

  • Skincare Bottles

  • Quad./ Trio/ Powder Compact

  • pretty sure that the Eyebrow Self propelling tube is also included!

I believe in the US you can send the empties via post, but in the UK just pop into any Mac store.

I do not know of any other brand that offers this sort of scheme, but with the amount of products we all get through, a recycling program would be so great and environmentally friendly. If anybody does know of other schemes, leave me a message. I would love to know.

Next time you are finished with a Mac product, just leave them aside and before you know it you will have enough to go get yourself a brand new lippy!

Sal x