Empties: April

Lots and lots of skin care items have come to an end or nearly finished. I have tried not to purchase any different skin care products as I am trying to stick to a regime of certain items for them to work their magic. I am only alternating with the exfoliating part of my routine, using different pads/lotions are different times of the day or the week, but sticking with just a few products. I really do find that it has made a difference in the appearance of my skin , especially when my sister tells me that I'm looking radiant!

1. Body Shop Vitamin E Cream. I have used this night cream for nearly a decade and I cant fault it. It’s got the right amount of creaminess to wear at night on top of an oil, without making my skin feeling too heavily loaded. I believe that the Vitamin E aspect of the cream has helped with the reduced appearance of scars over time, which I also top of with the Vitamin E Oil. I do not think I will ever use a different night cream again!

2. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair. Everyone raves about this serum and I did have high hopes, but I just never saw an actual difference after using this. Maybe I didn't use it frequently enough or maybe I didn't really need it. Who knows? This isn't an item I’m going to repurchase again.

3. Soap & Glory The Ultimelt. This was thick and creamy and worked wonders to remove my make-up even if I hadn't pre cleansed, but I needed a lot!! If I didn't use enough I felt it sunk in the skin very quickly like a moisturiser, which is not what I wanted. If I squeezed a good 4-5cm of the product, it was great. I loved using it in the evenings to ensure all my makeup was removed and it left a tingle of my face which made me feel squeaky clean!

4. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. These are a gem. The generously pre-soaked pads are ideal for when you want to save time, which for me would be every morning. The textured pads exfoliated my skin as well as leaving the product on my face, however It did take a little while to dry as there was so much of it ( not complaining !). To be honest I would also reuse the other side of the pad the next day! I would just turn it round and push back onto the other pads to soak up the product. This means 120 mornings worth. Exfoliating wise, I do use these daily in the morning and do feel that I have smoother skin, considering it is mostly my only from of exfoliation in most weeks. I have already re-purchased as well as a travel friendly size, which is super cute!

5. Mac Select Moistercover Concealer. I've also been using this concealer for years. Its light in texture so doesn't feel too heavy for an everyday use. I mostly use this under my eyes when I don't need so much cover up. It has a more natural finish compared to other concealers on the market and that's why it’s a product I need to have in my collection.

So there you have it! My empties for the month.

Sal x