My March Birchbox

I was really excited about this month’s box. Birchbox were helping us subscribers search for the ultimate beauty discovery and as I had not heard of most brands except one, it definitely was refreshing.

Firstly the box design was a word search. I haven't done one in years so it was a great pastime and why not, if there’s £400 worth of goodies up for grabs! So back to the amazing selection of products I received. I was excited to give these a go, because I had not heard of them and they sounded like the perfect kind of products anybody would want.

The Birchbox exclusive Arrow Boost Colour Enhancing Lip balm smells just lovely. I found that it was long wearing and definitely moisturising. It’s a slightly pink product with tiny tiny sparkles in the balm. I naturally have darker lips but I did find that the balm gave my lips more dimension and I didn’t look so bland! It is supposed to boost the natural lip colour with its fancy pH adjusting properties. This is the balm for my bag, so I always have it handy, especially for those moments that my lipstick has worn off. Its full size product and I’ve only just used 5mm in a month!

I have used the ModelCo More Brows every day since I received it. It’s the perfect shade for my dark brows and it does create a fibred finish with its small perfectly shaped brush. I can also use it on its own without filling my brows in, giving me a natural groomed fuller look. Definitely a keeper. It’s a full size product (I think! Same size of my benefit gimme brow)

The really felt the difference in my hair texture, the second time I used the Amika Nourishing Mask. It left my rough hair soft and silky and defiantly smelling amazing. It smells fruity and slightly tropically. The sample I received allowed me to use it on two occasions, it was creamy but easily washed out. I hate conditioners/ masked that take forever to get out my hair, so this was perfect.

My makeup has been sitting quite well on top of the Crea-m Antiaging Serum. I love that it’s a gel formula and literally sinks into the skin. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to massage it in and is not sticky. I’ve used it every morning this month and I can say that my skin does feel softer and initially after using it does make my skin feel fresh. Not totally sold , just need a bit more time to be convinced.

The Doctor Duve Anti-Aging Firming Eye Cream came in a small sachet sample but I'm not surprised as it comes with a hefty pricetag! However the sample has lasted me the whole month. I emptied the small amounts into a sample pot that I had for earlier use and less wastage. It’s light in weight and sinks into the skin after a minute of massaging. I felt it took a while, but that allowed me the time to massage and tap my delicate areas to take away the puffiness. I have seen a small change of reduced fine lines but not sure if there is a dramatic different compared to my other eye creams though.

It had been super cold and as always my skin is super dry. The Lanolips Intense Golden Ointment is defiantly the right product to help with elbows knees and ankles. The product is filled with natural ingredients and has been nourishing. It’s very thick and needs a big squeeze to get the product out. Once the product was rubbed between the fingers to melt, I found that it was still difficult to get to a consistently that can be used on a large portion of skin and not feel sticky, so I’ve just stuck to using the ointment on small very much needed patches. It does have a golden hue to it that creates a radiance effect. Again, another full size product which will go a long way and last a long time. The product is also great on lips.

So that’s it! I’ve used each one of the products on a daily basis and it’s been great adding them in as some newbies to my daily routine. I haven't disliked any of the products and have made much use of them all. New discoveries and some potential faves!

What was your favourite item from the March Birchbox?