Travel Essentials: Make-Up

Packing your Make-up bag is a nightmare for when your travelling. You want to take everything, even though you start of with just what you think you will need but then start to add in the 'what if I need these?' items and before you know it you have your whole lipstick and blush collection packed!

I have made this mistake on so many occasions, which then increases the weight of my suitcase , which then means I have to take out a pair of shoes or a bag!

I have learnt that you will NOT use everything you take and learning from each holiday will be the best way to figure out what you actually use. This will help with your weight limit (especially if your travelling with just hand luggage), make it easier for you to do your make up each day, Let you pack some more clothes and more than anything you will look and feel good knowing you have products which you love and know look fab on you. This is all from my own experiences and I hope to actually learn from this on my next holiday! The items in the picture above, are my most used items from my last holiday and is all I actually need when travelling.

So what do I actually need?

- A Primer. Select a primer that you know works great for day time and evening use. I LOVE Benefits Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer. It's a buttery consistence which I love as my make up just glides on!

- 2 Foundations: Daytime and Evening. I like to have a light coverage during the day and as Im usually out the whole day I dont want my skin to feel cakey. I enjoy using Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. In the evenings I prefer a good coverage and as its just for a few hours it doesn't feel so bag. I like using Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation with a beauty blender, so it's not a full coverage but flawless at the same time.

- Concealer. One concealer is all you need and taking the one you use most often makes sense. I bought the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer just before my last trip and it was the only one I used! With a wet beauty blender I was able to get a lighter finish in the day time.

- Press Powder. Taking a compact is more efficient and space friendly. I loved the Hourglass Dim Light powder as it left me with a radiant finish. My loose powders are in bigger packaging, so I find taking some product in a small travel size container also works well. (ebay do great travel friendly loose powder containers) But with compacts you can take them out on the go and its hassle free!

- Eyebrow Pencil and Brow Gel. You have got to have those eye brows on fleek! So one of each is a must and as they are small products its fine to have both. I like to take my Anastasia Brow Whiz as its less hassle to use compared to the dip pomade. The Maybelinne Brow Gel is a great product too which last all day long.

- Blusher/ Bronzer . One blush and one bronzer. I tend to go for my Mac Mineralised blush on most days as it gives me an amazing radiant flush. I dont use bronzer so much in the day time, but the Bobbi Brown Tawny Brown Bronze is a perfect evening blush/bronze shade so has a perfect dual use.

- Mascara. Like concealer you only really need one mascara that you know you love and does the job. The Too Faced Better then Sex mascara was the only mascara I used on my trip. It gave me full volume lashed which lasted all day.

-EyeLiner. Eye liner is a must. This can be in a pencil, pen or pot form. One is enough. I LOVE wearing Loreal's Gel Eye liner as its so easy to use, as its just glides onto the skin. That saves on time so you can have more time to think about lips!

- Lipliner/ Lipsticks. I dont know about everyone else, but I think my lips make my look and thats the one item of makeup I ALWAYS over pack with, but only ever only use a few. I like to have my options, so I think I can let me self off with the lippies. However I did find on my holiday, I used Mac Soar Lip liner everyday in the day time and Mac's Rebel Satin Lipstick mostly on those random nights out. I think an option of three lipsticks is acceptable...or maybe 5!

- Contour. A contour items isn't very big, so can be made space for. This can be used alternatively in the day time to bronze or in the evening to contour. Best of both worlds! Again its an optional item

So thats all! All of these items fit into one makeup bag, even with the extra lipsticks and literally are my holiday essentials. I have learnt that I DO NOT NEED three bags of makeup and one is more than enough! Just go with what you know works well on your skin suiting the climate of your destination. Take items that you enjoy using as this make you feel good. The less options you have the less stressful it will be dolling yourself up. More than anything you can pack more clothes, shoes and bag!

TIP: If you really need to take several foundations, just buy some 5-10ml bottles off ebay and fill them . This will allow more space to pack other items and more options to take. I do that also for primers and loose powders.

What are your travel essential? Do you need the same items as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts.