Sunday Funday: Pamper me up

What a horrible weekend it has been filled with icy winds and hailstones. I've enjoyed the weekend at home just pampering myself and drinking lots of tea and staying away from the coldness.

My skin has been looking rough too and I deserved a much well deserved pamper. Honestly, I dont manage to give my self a facial or mask every week, so this weekend was all about me.

I started by just cleansing with my normal facial cleanser.As the moment I am using Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Balm. Its soft balm which melts once warmed up with the fingers and against your skin. Its gentle and nourishing and works a treat. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I used a hot facial towel to remove the product which also exfoliates my skin.

I then steamed my face, with hot water, covering myself head/ face with a towel to make sure the steam doesn't escape and the hot water last longer. This opens up my pores to help the next step.

I have an oily T-Zone and work in a dirty city and although I have a skin care routine which I follow religiously ,I still get black heads! I not so long ago started to remove my own black heads which I can do easily after I have steamed my face. I used the black head remover tool from body shop to slide against by nose skin, which pushing the gunk out the pores! It sounds disgusting, but really makes a difference in how my skins looks afterwards. You do however need to be careful and it does feel uncomfortable, but not to push inwards, but slide to the side. I wipe of the gunk onto tissue after each slide, to make sure I dont push the gunk back in! You also want to sterilise the remover after use, ready for next time.

Once thats done, I used Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment. I find that this product does go a long way and slides onto the skin effortlessly. At this point i just grabbed a magazine and sipped on some green tea! I left it on for about 10-15 , until it had all dried up and I could see where all the excess oils had been sucked out my pores. Washing it off is a night mare as you get left with grey water everywhere, but my face just felt fresh and squeaky clean.

Once I had patted my skin dry, I used the Alphah Liquid Gold. It’s a solution that I use to acid exfoliate once in a while. I just dabbed some onto a cotton wool and wiped around face and let that dry. It is a strong formula and you do feel the sting once you've applied it, but that dies down.

As I'm home this weekend and not going out, I used the Trilogy Rose-hip Oil after the liquid gold dried up. I love Rose hip oil. I find that it nourishes my skin and revitalise it, keeping it in tip top condition. Although I do have an oily t-zone, I dont find that oil products clog up my pores or give me breakouts. Once the oil had sunk into my skin, I finished off moistening with Tata Harper Reparative Moisturiser. It's a light formula so didn't make my skin feel layered in product.

My lips were also in need of pampering so I used my Lush bubblegum lip scrub. I just scrubbed away until my lips felt smooth and then brushed off the granules. Its literally edible BUT the thought of also licking away my dead lip skin grosses me out, so I just washed about the residue. Last but not lease I smothered my lips with Nuxe lip moisturising stick.Its made of Shea butter and sweet almond oil. It's a slight different formula to the Nuxe lip balm in the pot, but just as moisturising.

After all that my skin felt great and so much more refreshing. Its now good to go and makes a big difference when you apply makeup. Just what I needed!

Sal x