Daily Musts

How cold has it been?! My early starts each morning have literally made my hands feel as they are going to fall off.

But to keep me from feeling rough, I have some daily musts for this winter that help me feel and look that bit better.

The days are slowly becoming longer and to make sure I know exactly what time it is and to avoid working any extra hours I’ve loved wearing my Olivia Burton Watch. It’s a simple but contemporary style and goes with everything I’ve been wearing. It’s inexpensive and can be found at Topshop and John Lewis. Luckily during xmas I got some gift vouchers so it cost me next to nothing! It’s a beautiful rose gold frame and off white strap, which looks better than using my phone to check the time.

My skin just feels and looks so dull when it’s super cold especially with very little sleep. I love my Bobbi Brown Tawny Brown bronzer. It’s more a purple toned bronzer so its perfect for winter months. I’ve also hit pan on it and will defo repurchase. My under eyes area is brightened up with the Giorgio Armani corrector. Its orange toned to combat under eye darkness and has tiny sparkly bits for light reflection. Its sheer so doesn’t feel too heavy and cakey.

I love my autumnal burgundy purple for lips at this time of the year, but I recently picked up Macs ‘D for Danger’ matte lipstick which is slightly on the red/ pinky side but its worked a treat on brightening my complexion. It’s long lasting and not so drying. Obviously with the weather my lips have been shedding tones, so first I would use Lush’s bubble-gum lip scrub . Its smells so good you want to literally lick it off your lips! I then like to use Nuxe Lip balm, to nourish my lips. It’s like a waterproof formula and its last much longer than other sheer lip balms I’ve used. My lips are then perfect and prepped for my favourite winter lipsticks.

To finish of that cosy feel to winter, I enjoy wearing my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. Its strong, rich and musky and a little goes a long way. I have had this bottle a long time, as I like to use it sparingly. Its the perfect winter fragrance.

My hands and feet get really dry especially with the windy days we have had. So I have kept this Cowshed Cowpat hand cream in my bag. Its the perfect size to pop into my bag, it is a rich formula and very nourishing. So when im feeling on the dry side I just grab it out my bag and use a little. It does go a long way.

Last but not lease, I carry my leather bound notebook with me to make notes and jot down ideas that I have in every aspect of my like. I prefer having these words on paper rather then in my phone. I picked this notebook up from Paperchase and has been very handy!

What are your current everyday must haves? is there anything that you cannot live without? Dont forget to share them with me

Sal x