My February Birchbox

This months box was a let down for most after reviewing the birchbox website, but I was not disappointed with mines at all! All the products I received were new to me and really enjoyed using them through out the month. As usual I will review them starting with my most loved product and end with the one I was not so into.

I adored the Spectrum Collection tapered finishing brush. I have used it everyday since receiving it. I used this brush for concealer setting and the odd occasion for highlighting. The brush was super soft and picked up the right amount of product to use. I absolutely loved the funky colours of Pink ( <3) purple and blue. This collection of brushes are affordable and I will definitely invest in a few more to add to my collection.

We were given the choice of what shade we wanted in the LOC One & Done Shadow Sticks. I chose Perfect Cents ; its a bright gold metallic shade which I though would compliment my skin tone. I found that it was waterproof, smudge proof and long lasting, (supposed to be 11 hours!). To be able to blend the shadow in, you had to work really quickly. I found I enjoyed wearing this shadow which other shadows on top and as it was waterproof, the over all look lasted all day.

As much as I liked the shade of theBalm cosmetics Frat Boy Blush/Shadow, I just found that the sample size was useless. It was too small to get an even cover on a brush, which resulted in blotchy application. Otherwise the shade gave a long lasting natural rosy flushed look when you got a perfect application. As much as the initial stage of using this sample blush was frustrating, I did like the end results.

The Derm Eyes Make up Remover wipes was lovely and refreshing. Its a shame we were only sent one sample! It was a super soft wipe, which was heavy on the product making it a simple way of removing make up. It was gentle around the eye area, especially with the choice of fabric used. Its supposed to be a triple action formula to cleanse, moisturise, and regenerate but with only one sample the subscribers couldn't really test that! Overall I was able to remove all my makeup as a pre cleanse, without the product drying out my skin.

The OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum Collagen Booster was exactly something that I needed at this time of the year. My skin is feeling dull and lifeless so I was super excited to give this a go. I have used it religiously as part of my morning skin routine. Its oil Free, Vitamin C, supposed to be Anti Ageing and nourishing. You can see why this was perfect for me ( except I'm not super old :-O) It is light, not sticky and smells very citrusy and sweet ( a bit like children medicine). I had so much hope for this product to make some sort of effect in one month, but unfortunately I have not seen a different at all! Not sure if I need more time to use it and as I have nearly finished the sample, Im not sure if I should wait to see a difference considering the hefty price tag this product comes with!

As much as I do not like being sent body lotions and shampoos, I did decide to ignore it this month with the Cochine Saigon Body Lotion. It was in a cute hotel type sample bottle and looked very classy. The fragrance was not my cup of tea but it was a light product which sunk into the skin fairly quickly.

Im not sure what Birchbox have in store for us for March but lets home its a good un!