Empties: January

Boots Vitamin E Capsule

Vitamin E is known for its scar healing properties. This is the main reason that I mix the oil from these capsules into my Body Shop vitamin E night cream. I have used these two product ever since my teenage years. I grew up with bad acne, so I always had scars and this has worked a treat and healed my skin.

I burst a few capsules of oil into my night cream, which I have put into a small empty pot. It will make the cream look separated as the oil is sticky and dense. I use it everyday, only in my night skin care routine. Vitamin E also has many other properties such as anti ageing and getting rid of dry and dull skin. This will be repurchases as its part of my daily skin routine.

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara

I Have also used this mascara for years and have always repurchased. I would always get complimented and asked whether I was wearing faux lashes. The formula is slightly dense so creates voluminous lashes. The brush is not plastic and does not separate all the lashes, creating powerful looking lashes. I have however found that the mascara does start to flake at the end of the day as it get very dry on the lashes. You have got to be very careful when removing the mascara as I have definitely pulled out lashes over the last ten years due to the mascara. I have decided not to repurchase this as I have found another slightly cheaper alternate that gives me or less the same results without the dryness!

MAC Brush Cleanser

I am yet to find a cleanser that can spot clean as well as the MAC Cleanser. I tried a few different ones in between, but just haven't felt them clean as well. I only use this to pre cleanse and its mostly for my eyeshadow brushes which are natural brushes. But they tend to get more dried out compared to the synthetics. I have bought another and have left it only for desperate days!

MAC Prep and Prime Skin Finish Powder

Wow this lasted a long time! Its a light loose translucent power which has a slight mineralised finished. The slight sheen to the powder, doesn't make your face look so caky and its very sheer and you dont need a lot of it. I took my sisters from her as she doesn't use it as much as I do, so haven't had to repurchase just yet.

TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo

I have used so many different brands of dry shampoo and this has been the only one that doesn't weigh down my hair and make it still feel greasy after each use. its lightweight and does give a boost of ‘freshness’ to the roots. I've repurchased dry shampoos before for the sake of having it handy, but I've repurchased this dry shampoo as I feel it does what it says on the can.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This lasted a long time and I used this to pre-cleanse. I dont remember the last time I used a wipe! This water is refreshing and melts makeup and mascara very well. I would need about 3 cotton pads of my whole face to feel content before I used a wash off cleanser. I will repurchase this. Its long lasting and is a great pre cleanse.