Facial Disaster

I love to go for my facials every few months to feel pampered and refreshed after a long week at work. You expect you come out feeling gorgeous and knowing that your skin will be much clearer than you walked in with. That has always been the case, until 2 weeks ago.

I really needed a facial to clear my black heads (main purpose for my trip) but I also had some white heads over my cheeks, which was causing a uneven skin tone, but wasn't a major concern.

My facial was going well and I was relaxing and falling asleep under the steamer until it screeched really load after a certain period of time and woke me up suddenly! I knew then than the therapist was ready to start scraping out my black heads. It does hurt with the pressure of the silver tool used, but I'm use to it. The worse pain was when she started trying to remove my white heads, she struggled for a bit and kept putting pressure on my skin to 'pop' them. I felt as though she was going to break my check bones and was very painful. I thought to my self that she is a therapist and she knows what she is doing so I didn't say anything . There were a few white heads so I endured the pain feeling very brave when she finished. I felt relieved when she told me she was done and she apologised for hurting me and that she was a perfectionist and didn't want to leave any black heads behind. I started to worry when she toned my skin and I could feel it stinging. I waited patiently until the facial was complete so I could see my skin. I was so disappointed when I looked in the mirror, as my had been white heads were now open skin popped spots!

I braved a smile on my bare skinned face and held my head high as I made my way home. I obviously got asked by every member of my family as to what happened and that I looked like I had a rash. Luckily the weekend gave me some time to help heal my skin.

I have used the following products daily to rejuvenate my skin to heal the dark scars that have been left behind :

Morning : Oskia renaissance cleansing gel, Laura Mercia skin polish , Pixi Glow toner, La Roche Posay Serozinc spray and Dermalogica active moist.

Evening: Soap&Glory UltiMelt cleanser, Paula's Choice BHA and Body Shop vitamin E oil. These last two were used to help with the exfoliating and healing of my skin.

Make up wise to cover up whilst at work I chose my favourite foundation; Estée Lauder double wear and I also used the double wear concealer for extra precision cover . The make up was set with ben Nye Banana powder. My make up stayed on all day so I was able to feel confident. The last thing you want is people to ask what happened to your face!?

These are my before and after photos:

Anyone else had any skin disasters? What are your favourite products to help heal the skin and eliminate scars? I would love to know.

Sal x