The Weekly Cleanse

I for sure at some point in my life never washed my brushes regularly, maybe every few months ( eww) I dont know why I never thought it was important, but since a girl with amazing skin asked me 'why the hell not?!' in disbelief , I have never looked back.

I dont have any fancy way of cleaning my brushes, but keeping a routine of using clean brushes has kept the pimples at bay.

Depending on the amount of brushes you have, I would say it can take about half hour. I like to chit chat with my sisters whilst I spot clean, so It takes me a little longer, but either way cleaning your brushes is a must! Its un-hygienic and will definitely make a difference to application.

I have some brushes that I use on a daily and some just now and then. The ones that I use sometimes ( these are usually eye shadow brushes) , I usually just spot clean them using my favourite cleanser, Mac’s Brush Cleanser. It Pink but works a treat. I pour this into a spray bottle and spritz a couple of time over doubled kitchen tissue and gently in a circular motion, swirl the brushes over it. I feel that they clean and pick up the unwanted residues quite quickly.

For all daily items such as Foundation, Blush, Powder brushes and the beauty blender, I use the Beauty Blender Soap to cleanse. This is a deeper way to cleanse to ensure all the product that gets deep into the brush is cleansed away. I like the beauty blender soap because once your brushes are wet, you literally swirl over the soap twice and it lathers up a lot!

I use my hand and fingers to clean the brushes, ensuring they are always face downwards ( you dont want to get the water to the glued bits, as it will loosen up and your brushes will start to shed).

For some reason I find that using this soap, It creates a waterproof film around the brushes, so they dry really quickly. I have in the passed used just johnsons baby shampoo, but I felt it took much longer to clean the brushes and I could get through tonnes of water before all the bubbles were washed away.

So thats it! I can be really lazy so thank god I dont have too many brushes, otherwise I wouldn't want to clean them everyweek. What are you favourite brush cleansing products? Great cheap alternatives are always great.

Sal x