My July BirchBag

The holiday season is upon us and Birchbox has graced us with some amazing birch-bags and summer holiday suitable goodies! I saved this post for a little later than usual, as I knew the goodies where going to come with me on holiday this month.

I type this as I enjoy a very last hot day in Athens with a refreshing iced coffee ( I’m having caffeine withdrawals!) enjoying the Mediterranean weather, hospitality and culture. The people here are so attentive and happy; I wish I could stay longer! The sun rays are in the mid 30's ( degrees), so the sample products I came with are just perfect.

The items for this month were everything I would need for a holiday in sample sizes, which helped with hand luggage and packing. But the cutest thing about this month’s subscription is that there is NO box, but a very versatile splash proof pouch which will jazz up any outfit! I received a vibrant orange pouch which I think is the Ibiza themed colour. The bag colours were all inspired by the travels of a few popular beauty editors. Hopefully I can brave a moment to wear such a bold colour.

I received 6 great items which I have used for my trip and I have loved them all. The Soigne Nail Lacquer in Petale de Rose was the first product I used. The colour is a perfect pink coral that popped against my Indian tanned skin. I opted out of a base coat and went ahead with two coats of the polish. One coat is definitely not enough, as the consistency is slightly runny. I'm really bad at getting a perfect coat (especially when using my left hand for the right hand) , so the brush I felt was not great, compared to other brands that I have used. You do have to work fast to get a seamless coat. But once you have perfected it, topped with a top coat you are ready to go. I have tanned slightly out here and I love looking at my hands now! The polish is ALL still there and going strong.

With the heat out here, although I am drinking lots of water, my skin is dehydrating. I do have oily skin, but I can feel the dehydration after cleansing so another perfect product has been the Indemne Eau de Genie. It is very refreshing and hydrating. Although you can’t smell the organic waters (lemon, apricot, grapefruit and tomato, which I was looking forward to) it does leave a great layer of freshness on your face. It does spritz lots of product, but rather than wiping of straight away, I have been leaving it on my face to absorb for a while as it does take a while and then just moisturising straight on top. You do ideally have to wipe with cotton, but I followed these steps as it just felt nice after a long day out in the sun. I haven’t notice a difference to my skin visually, but I do feel that my skin is hydrated.

I wish I had enough Indemne Eau de Genie, to spritz all over my body! But the Unani Aloe Vera Gel has been perfect as an alternative for certain areas. I mainly need this for my shoulders and top of arms, just as a light layer of coolant. I haven't burnt my skin, but have tried it out anyway. Aloe Vera is great and for me this product is no different to any other brand.

This product has been my favourite of the month, Benefits Dream Screen. I do wear SPF every day, but being in Athens this has been perfect. It is a light and runny fluid, absorbing into the skin; feeling soft without feeling heavy and leaving a velvety matte finish. It is oil free and SPF 45 so has been perfect for me. I use this under primer. You do have to wear SPF throughout the day as one application isn’t going to last all day, so I think this is the perfect screen that can be used more often as it is so light, it doesn’t even feel like an SPF. The only negative I have is that I couldn’t squeeze any product out of the sample tube so had to remove the attached nozzle (which then made the product leak, so I wasn’t left with a lot L). This is looking to be a definite purchase!

Any evening is great when you can jazz up your makeup and the POP Beauty Bright up your life eyeshadows (sample of three shades) has just been great to transform me into a golden goddess! I don’t go too dramatic with smokey eyes and preferred to use only 1-2 of the darker shades and being simple on application. This has been great to not look over done in the evenings, but still be quiet natural. The tones were great for my skin tone. Eye shadow doesn’t last too long on my eye lids, but this was great for 1-2 hours, (with base) and has a great silky application. I did however prefer to use my own Zoeva brushes to apply. The sample came with a foam application which doesn’t quite work for me.

If you know me, you would know that I always have a hair band on my wrist for those just in case moment. The Pura Vida Bracelet Headbands is eye candy compared to my plain black bands, but I would have preferred not to receive this. I got a blue one and they have laced flowers along the edge of the whole band. This would look much cuter on a younger girl. It has however only been useful for those times you want your hair out the way when doing your make up.

Overall I have used all the goodies I recieved this month, whilst on holiday and have enjoyed them. The birch-bag was designed to be the perfect summer bag!

What themed bags did you guys recieve? What did you think of your products? Be sure to let me know!

Sal x