My May 2015 Birchbox

So my May 'Free Your Mind' box finally arrived. I re subscribed, so I had to wait 3 + days for my box to get to me. With a normal subscription you know when to expect it, so these few days were very exciting but felt like forever!

My last box came in March after a years subscription. I though I would wait to re subscribe until a box I really liked came out. I had started to receive duplicate items, which I had already previously sampled, so wanted to just wait.

Mays 'free you mind' came with a little creativity. We were able to colour in our own box doing exactly what the theme set us out to do.

I wanted my box to be vibrant and colourful with deep colours, which I feel I achieved with felt-tip pens rather than the pencils we were given. what do you think of my box? It was a real stress reliever, working on it after work each night, which took me a week to complete. Even my sister wanted to take some stress out on my box, she wants credit for the little purple patch on the left side of the box!

Anyhoo, lets get down to the best part of the box! My box came with 6 products, some of which I liked and some were not useful to me. This box came with Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser, RMK Point Make Up Remover, PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray, Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Duo Bronzer, WAH London Nail Art Pen & a Number 4 Lumiere d'Hiver Reconstructing Masque.

Number 4 Lumiere d'Hiver Reconstructing Masque came in a little sachet and was only enough for one use and for short hair. I left this in my hair, which is quite thick for about 5 mins, resulting in smooth detangled hair. It smelt lovely and rinsed out well and easily.

I let my hair dry naturally but I didn't feel that my hair was super soft or frizz free :-( I only wish this sample came in a bottle, so I could have had another use out of it, to try again and maybe have a different result after a blow dry.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturiser in light . I was really looking forward to trying this french branded product out, after trying out one of their other products.

Unfortunately this shade was too light for me, but I can say that it did have a gorgeous satin finish with a glow. The coverage was sheer. This product comes in two shades (Light & Medium).

The product has 0% parabens and is Oil Free, Perfect for me! This products claims to both treat and brighten the skin. I may have to try this properly using bronzer to take away any greyness I may get. Keep an eye out for my update.

RMK Point Make Up Remover. I really like this make up remover. It was one of those half oily / half liquid formulas which you would shakes vigorously to get an even distribution. It contains a highly moisturising complex called Squalane, which I googled and it in fact has lots of benefits. Its a natural complex, which can mimic the skins natural moisturisers. Its a great read if your interested.

But back to this lovely product. I felt that it melted of my toughest mascara and gently removed it. It didn't feel like I was using any sort of liquids and was more or less quite invisible, but leaving a thin moisturising film on the skin.

Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Duo Bronzer in Martinique was again not the great bronzing shade for me! As I am light browned skin, I felt it didn't really give me the glow that other bronzers out there do. The blush was a nice shade but not lasting. I did however use the bronze shade over my eye lids for a slight matte natural finish to to my eyes.

Being a compact meant that it was really difficult to use a normal sized brush to fit over the pigment to coat the brush evenly.

Hmm, after realising that I have been sent products that were not the right skin tone selection for me, I went and changed my skin tone to caramel. Hopefully I will be sent products for Medium/Dark Skin Tones now.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray

Im going to start of with saying that product smells amazing! It smells sweet but also has a freshness to it. It is not very sticky and sprayed evenly over my hair. I originally used this on my normal waved dry hair and as I have thick hair, it just didn't go very well for me. It does what Sea Salt sprays do, leaving a matte rough effect on the hair. This was gentle and didn't make the hair go course. Personally I think layered hair will look amazing once this product is used.

WAH London Nail Art Pen in this bright orange! what happened birchbox?? This was a full size product where subscribers were able to choose what they wanted . The option was either these nail pens or Wah London stick on nail. I am not very big on painting my nails so I was not fussed. I though the nail pens ( purples and blues were advertised) might be a nice touch for the rare occasion I painted my nails. I opened my box and saw an orange pen. I have not tried this one out, because I really dont know how to use this shade! But I can say that it has a brush tip and fine pen tip and these Art Pen do come in many other shades.

What did you think of your May birchbox, Have you used these products before? What are you thoughts? I would love you hear from you!

As I received my box later than most people, the June box is already near to its release. I did get to choose which box design I wanted, which also comes with a shoe bag. I have chosen the pretty Floral Daze print. I look forward to the next box!

Sal x