Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks

In shades 1995, Tequila Sunrise & Berrie Smoothie

This lipsticks are highly recommended by many youtubers and bloggers so I thought why not purchase to see what the fuss is all about. Maybe it also had a little to do with the ‘1995 shade’ and the whole 90’s thing which I am so into right now. I am loving the browns and taupes colours, hence the reds disappearing for a little while!

I purchased three shades: Tequila Sunrise, Berrie Smoothie and 1995 ( right to left) . See swatches, in natural light.

The colours are lovely, the 1995 being a browny colour with a slight earthy redness to it, The Berry smoothie was a natural pink/ purple shade and the Tequila Sunrise is a orange shade. They were in a glam gold casing, which was light in weight and similar in shape to MAC lipstick. Overall it didn't feel like an expensive product.

The textures for the lipsticks are velvety. They are sometimes described as creamy mattes, which was a quality which I was looking forward to.

The way I would describe the lipsticks is light creaminess. This sort of creamy matte texture did get into all the cracks of my lips, which was not a nice sight. To wear these you would need super smooth soft chap free lips for a smooth application and finish. As two of the shades I purchased were mattes ( not fully matte) it is essential to buff and moisturise the lips prior to using. Comparing this to other matte lipsticks I wear, this creamier texture was not so much of a benefit. BerrieSmoothie was not so matte, so the chapness of the lips did not show up too much.

My favourite of the three is 1995 as it is the most matte.

I also felt that the lipsticks were NOT long lasting. The maximum I felt that the lipsticks lasted were about 2 hours even when worn over lip liner. This was without eating or drinking. This was a downer for me, considering the amount I had paid for them.

Overall I was just a little disappoint in the lipsticks because of the textures and lasting time, but as you already know I am a sucker of pretty looking things, I do like the packaging and the shades. But I do feel they are over priced and cannot say they are in the same league with the high end lipsticks.

Has anyone else use Gerard Costmetic Lipsticks? What are your experinces with them?