Zoeva Brushes

I am in love with these brushes!

I originally bought 2 brushes for eye make up and they became my staple brushes so I HAD to buy a couple more!

Zoeva is a german brand that sell all sorts of make up products, brushes and accessories and are all becoming very well known.

In the UK you can purchase Zoeva products from Beautybay.com or Love Make Up. The ranges may not be available in full but I found that the most popular brushes were.

Zoeva have a whole range of brushes available from eye brows to contouring. The selection I bought was not a wide range, but just enough to add to my existing collection to make a whole. I mostly got brushes for eye makeup, as I am a beginner to wearing defined eye shadow, which really excite me at the moment. I dont use very bold colours, but I like to keep it neutral with brown and purples. SO obviously as a beginner I need the perfect set of brushes.

The Luxe brushes are all a mix of natural and synthetic brushes. The vegans brushes are pure synthetic brushes.

I dont really have to say anymore apart from the fact that I really love these eye brushes. They are inexpensive compared to many other brushes which are very similair and give the same finish. The brushes are shaped perfectly to complete the task they are designed for.

There are still aspects that I dislike ( not majorly a problem though) about a few of the brushes, which I will touch upon further below.

These 5 eyeshadow are perfect to create a perfect eye.

These bushes are :

- 227 Luxe Soft Definer

- 227 Soft Definer vegan

- 221 Luxe Crease

- 228 Luxe Soft Crease

- 230 Luxe Pencil

The 2 '227' brushes are perfect to brush on pigments over the eye lids. I do use both of these for powder pigments, but the vegan is better to use with cream products.

They brush on and blend out the pigments well around the eye area, as the brush is rounded off well. When I am looking a very natural look I also Use the 227 Luxe Definer as a crease brush. It is less defined and more natural. I do have more than one of these as it is my favourite brush.

The 227 Luxe Definer is similar to the Sigma E25 Blending brush .The only difference to myself was that the Sigma brush is less dense.

The '221' Luxe Crease brush for usable for more than just the crease. This is a round top brush, so for myself I felt I could use it for apply pigment ( powder) to the eye lid, creating a more definded crease blend compared to the 227 Luxe. I best liked to use this brush if i were blending two shades together. I felt that the brush is light and not densly packed and was able to creat the perfect blend.

The '228' is perfectly tailored to reach into the eye socket to add definition using pigments. I fell in love with this brush the first time I used it. For me it gives a detailed finished.All the brushes are also very soft but wispy at the same time, so blending from side to side does not irritate the skin around the eyes.

The ‘230’ has multiple uses. I enjoy using it as a smugger , using it to create more detailed shadow application and applying a highlight in my inner eye corners. This brush isn't very small or Sharpe, but is dense and tapered, so applies and smudges very well.

The three additional brushes that I bought were

- 317 Winged eyeliner

- 126 Luxe Cheek Finish

- 129 Luxe Fan

I have been doing eye liner for as long as I can remember, so for me the ‘317’ was a miss. First I felt that the brush was not firm enough to create any lines to achieve the flick and to give a smooth finish. there

Brush was also very wide, so there was no control and precision. I have for a long time used a brush a small Sharpe point applicator whilst doing eye liner, which i fell give more precision and control when trying to achieve the perfect eye liner.

The ‘126’ check finish brush is lovely! It is not too big to take over the whole face. The brush is an oval shape ( pinched round) so the application is circular so there is more control in applying blush in an upwards stroke, without the brush over taking the whole face. If you wanted to just apply on the apple of your cheeks, you can achieve this by just tapping the brush around your apples.

The brush however does pick up a lot of pigment, so a light hand is needed.

For a long time I used a contour/ highlighter brush to apply highlighter, but I always felt that there was too much product on my cheeks in the end. The ‘129’ works magically. Its fan shaped and soft bristled brush applies the shimmer pigment on to the check bones every so lightly but with right amount of product and along the cheek bone in a perfect swift movement.

The bristle are very very soft, so the brushes on the ends have started to loose its shape and start to fray away. The brush does come with a plastic protector which I have left on after each use to avoid any bent bristles. Other wise this brush it perfect!

Over all I have really enjoyed these brushes and have already made a list of a few others I would like to try out, including the buffer and the contour brush. The gold rose collection also looks amazing! Some times I am just wowed up by how beautiful something is to tempt me into purchasing it!

I hope you have enjoyed my review and found it useful. I do recomment these brushes as i found them very user friendly an inexpensive.